Wizards One marketplace is now open

EOS Wizards One Marketplace

Wizards One is one of the first games to adopt the controversial EOS blockchain. They first announced their blockchain game right as EOS launched, and were one of the first on the scene. These first games are great to watch, because they are like the canaries in the coal mine. If they can survive, then perhaps there’s a chance for the rest of us.

Well, this week, not that long after first announcing the game, they have launched their marketplace. You can buy a Wizard for as low as 0.0515 EOS (about 30 cents USD). And the most expensive one is going for 82400 EOS (about $454k USD).

EOS Wizards One Marketplace

It’s definitely great to see some movement on the EOS blockchain. And with the launch of Wizards One and their marketplace, hopefully it’s a sign of much more to come.

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