Waves announces blockchain game fund

waves blockchain game fund

The Waves Platform is a blockchain that launched in 2016. In the same way ETH is the currency of Ethereum, Waves is the currency of the Waves blockchain. The price of 1 Waves (as of today) is $1.88 USD, putting them at an impressive $188,327,334 USD market cap.

This week, the team at Waves announced a major step into the blockchain games market. They have officially announced a 1M $Waves blockchain games fund to inspire innovation, and drive the development of blockchain games on the Waves platform. At today’s rate, that’s $1.88M USD available to blockchain game developers.

Who are they looking for?

  • Game development teams with existing blockchain-based games who want to transfer their products to the Waves platform.
  • Experienced game development teams with projects in progress, who are considering integrating Waves blockchain functionality into their games.
  • Qualified development teams with game prototypes, who would like to explore integrating Waves blockchain into their products.

It is becoming more and more clear that the blockchain games market is a crucial sector to capture in order to drive blockchain adoption globally. With great content comes lots of users. Like others, Waves is recognizing this, and getting themselves ahead of the curve with their fund.

We look forward to seeing the innovative games that come out of this initiative. For more information on the announcement and the Waves blockchain games fund, click here: Source.

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