The Abyss: Crypto Platform Spotlight

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This is the 2nd installment in our series called “Crypto Platform Spotlight”. Our goal is to celebrate the innovations these platform developers are building, and to talk about their plans over the next year. Today, we will be covering another innovative platform called The Abyss.

The Abyss claims to be a next-generation digital distribution platform for gamers and game developers. The are delivering a platform for all types of games games (Free2play MMOs and crypto games being a key priority), including AAA-titles, to the fast-growing global game community. Unlike other platforms (Steam, Origin, GOG, etc.).

One the unique features that The Abyss is boasting is their Statistics System. This is a system that allows developers to track player behavior in their blockchain games. As a developer, I can say that analytics wasn’t always important in the games industry, but over the last 5-10 years it has become a top priority for every developer.

The Abyss: Introduction

In 2017, the video game industry had a combined revenue that exceeded $100 billion, and that number is expected to grow by more than 50% in just two years. While the market as a whole is booming, standing out is more difficult than it has ever been, especially for small, independent developers. This is due to a variety of barriers, including advertising, distribution, and bandwidth costs. Not only does this prevent small companies with great ideas from seeing success, but it keeps great titles out of player hands. One technology that may be able to eliminate all or many of these barriers is already making big waves in the world of finance.

The Abyss aims to completely transform the way video games are developed and distributed, especially MMOs, through blockchain technology. Existing platforms, like Steam and Origin, generate countless complaints from players and developers due to lack of accountability and centralization of power. The Abyss gaming platform changes this by implementing an innovative motivational and referral system. Developers get access to targeted audiences, player statistics, and secure and flexible funding options. Players are given incentives to refer new players to titles and even earn achievements within the game. All parties on this platform benefit from collaboration and mutual support.

Platform Structure and Basic Services

The Abyss gaming platform is a comprehensive ecosystem that’s made up of mutually-referenced elements, including:

  • Unified authentication – Allows users to connect to the platform and access all its resources. Protection is strengthened through two-factor authentication and IP blocking.
  • Unified billing – By utilizing both blockchain and fiat currency payments, the platform will attract more users and developers will have access to more sources of revenue.
  • Customer support service – Integrating 24/7 user support within games reduces the natural outflow of players. Multiple language support will be available.
  • Transparency for statistics and reporting – As soon as developers integrate their games into The Abyss, they gain access to clear and accurate usage statistics. They also get careful analysis and forecasts from experts.
  • Forum – Common areas for discussion will foster a shared sense of community and offer a place for players and developers to get feedback and support.

Developers in The Abyss will have access to both personal and private account sections. The private areas are for reporting on current games, advertising campaigns and referral programs. Their public page will act like a website with messages to players, announcements, and news. Players will also have their own unique account section that’s designed to promote socialization between users. The more active and helpful the community is between between players, the stronger MMOs will be on the platform.

Statistics System

Experienced developers know how important game statistics are whether a project is first being launched or been on the market for years. For MMOs in particular, tracking all player activity within the game world is essential to user retention and conversion. The Abyss recognizes the the need for data by implementing access to a wide range of metrics:

  • General stats and forecasts – A brief report on the number of user registrations and payments. More detailed versions will also be available.
  • ROI report – Assesses the recoupment of traffic brought in during a specified period of time.
  • Partners report – Provides an analysis of the quantity and quality of traffic from specific partners.
  • Outflows report – Shows the amount of users leaving the game by specified time period.
  • LT, LTV, forecasts – Records average lifetime of a player and the total revenue per player or for a specific set of players over a lifetime. Forecasts are formed based on this data.
  • Specialized reports – Developers can create customized reports based on unique variables and previous data.

Economics of The Abyss Platform

ABYSS Tokens

While fiat currency will be accepted for certain transactions in the platform, a concrete supply of ABYSS tokens will be the primary currency of the ecosystem. Developers see 70% of sales while the platform gets 30%. In order to incentive token use, The Abyss provides:

  • Discounts for purchases made with tokens
  • Rewards in tokens for content creation
  • Free trade of tokens between users
  • Auctions for in-game items through tokens only
  • Shared payments to developers in tokens

Crypto Reward Ecosystem

A third of all net revenue that goes to The Abyss from user payments gets forwarded to the referral system. When a player makes a payment for their first game on the platform, the developer receives payment for all other games that player patronizes going forward. That player also receives payments from five levels deep of referrals. Funds that can’t be distributed due to broken referral chains get sent to the reward bank. This pool of funds is used as a motivational program for game achievements, syndicates, and content creation.

Game Achievements

Achievements earned through leveling, special quests, and leader-board placement are one of the prime mechanisms by which MMOs retain such huge player bases. The Abyss takes advantage of this phenomenon by using the reward bank to give tangible payouts to dedicated players. The amount paid for any particular achievement depends on the revenue of the particular title and the rarity of the event.


Syndicates, or masternodes, are groups of players within a game that socialize and perform activities that can be monetized. A syndicate receives tokens based on their rating which is determined by the total amount of tokens in the group’s account and the ratings of the players within it. The rating of the syndicate also affects the way individual users in the group can customize their own personal pages.

Content Creation

Media outside the gameplay, including stories, reviews, fan art, videos, and streams, can have a large impact on the popularity of any given title. That’s why The Abyss rewards this type of content creation through direct user payments and a monetized like/dislike system. Content creators can receive special badges, worth different denominations, based on the overall ratings of their content.


Internal CPA (Cost per Action) Network

When developers choose The Abyss as a platform for their game, they’re connected to a universal marketing and advertising system that they can use to purchase traffic from other titles, redirect traffic to other games, or gain external traffic and leads of their own. The internal CPA network contains five main elements:

  1. Link referral system – New projects automatically get access to a system of referral links that provide metrics about all relevant advertising campaigns. Developers can also create external offers with clear KPIs.
  2. Motivated traffic – Developers will be encouraged to specifically target motivated traffic campaigns to active players to further their participation.
  3. Email promotions – The Abyss will host its own email service within the platform for developers to advertise their titles.
  4. Media advertising – Developers can order specific media campaigns for their games directly through The Abyss platform. Common methods include webpage banners and forums section branding.
  5. Content – Publishers can request fresh content within the internal framework of offers according to a targeted brief. They can also use tokens to pay an author of an existing publication that fits their purposes.


The Abyss concept was officially announced in the last quarter of 2017. It currently has a detailed roadmap for platform development through 2021:

  • 2018 Q1 – DAICO, a new fundraising model, is introduced.
  • 2018 Q2 – The Abyss prototype is launched and includes the first token sale.
  • 2018 Q3-4 – Active development takes place along with legal and financial preperation.
  • 2019 Q1 – The first version of The Abyss is released which includes APIs, unified billing, unified authorization system, and multilevel referral system.
  • 2019 Q2-4 – This phase introduces the socialization and personalization systems as well as reporting system and internal CPA network.
  • 2020 – This year will see new platform functionality, including motivational programs, syndicates, auctions, and joint achievements.
  • 2021 and beyond – In the long term, crowdfunding will be implemented and more features will be introduced.


For more information on The Abyss, visit their official website.

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