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Super Game Chain is a team of industry experts from the tech and gaming world. Their goal is to build the ultimate blockchain solution for the gaming market. I first learned about Super Game Chain at Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco, an incredible 2 day event they hosted in collaboration with folks at Pocket Gamer. This week, I had a chance to connect with them and learn more about their team, their product, and their plans for the future.

Can you tell me a bit of background about your team? What inspired you guys to pursue Super Game Chain?

One of the co-founders of SGC is Toni Xu.  During her 10+ years of adventure in gaming and social platform industry, she has experienced the emergence of many waves of new technologies and how games can ignite these technologies and make them very popular and profitable.  Blockchain is another such emergence. Besides blockchain has potential to solve many unsolvable problems of the current gaming industry, such as centralized authority, monopoly, unfair reward system. This is what inspired me to create Super Game Chain.

The team’s experience comes from a rich and diverse background of top technology and entertainment companies from around the world which include Namco, GSN, Tencent, EA, Facebook, Activision, GameLoft, Ubisoft, Sega, Disney Interactive, Netflix, and many more. Over the years, we have successfully operated a variety of billions-user-level games and have rich experience in platform operations to ensure the safety, security, and stable operation of the platform.

We are passionate about creating “the ultimate blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem”, Super Game Chain.

Tell me about what your platform offers? And what are the features you are most excited about?

Super Game Chain (SGCC) is the ultimate blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem.

It is composed of two products:  the SGC Chain that will provide a high-throughput, Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABFT) secured distributed ledger system, with easy to integrate SDK and API customized for game platforms and games; as well as an organic game ecosystem that can be deployed on super game chain and any other blockchain protocols, enabling gamers to invest in and collaborate with game developers, buy and sell in-game tokens and assets, and play and rate games.

The difference between us and others is that we are not just another token-enabled game distribution platform or a trading system, we are more than those.  We put gamers in the decision chairs of deciding what games to build, and what games they actually want to play. Unlike what many other blockchain game platforms are offering, which is a distribute platform with a token, or a trading system with a token, SGC is changing the product relationship of developers and gamers.  Gamers can now have the right to become the investors, and harvest the high returns on some promising games.

Our over 10 years of first hand game developing and publishing experience made us understand the real issues the developers and gamers are facing.  We are the only one out there to solve all these from both ways, and from ground up.

We will provide a way for game developers to raise funds directly from their end-users, get their concept or game validated in every steps by their targeted end users, and to acquire users without having to pay a hefty user acquisition fee.

With SGC, the rare opportunities of investing in quality games will not be exclusive to a few privileged investors anymore.  We will put the decision right into the end users, for the first time, to choose, back, and guide how a game should be designed, developed, and distributed!

Crypto games market is a new one, where do you see this all going in the next 5 – 10 years? And where do you see Super Game Chain?

The blockchain and crypto industry is so new and it’s already changing very quickly. The problem with the industry right now is that there is little to no use case for most tokens. In the next several years, we believe that gaming will be the way crypto introduces itself to the mainstream world. Super Game Chain aims to be the disruptor in this space.

We have a big vision for Super Game Chain. In the next 5 years +, we aim to build a solid user base and community to eventually host over 10,000 games and reach 20,000,000 users.

The first stage of the Super Game Chain is to put gamers, developers, and games on chain, and help to build a crypto-gamer, crypto-game, crypto-developer communities. The second stage of the Super Game Chain is to work with all walks of the gaming ecosystem to build an open world together.  

What is your perspective on blockchain technology as it relates to games? Why is this new evolution in games important? Why should game developers put games out in this space?

We believe gaming will be the path towards mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. Right now, people want consensus. Super Game Chain can provide that solution and for gaming, which is why we will be a leader in this space; “the ultimate blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem”. Blockchain technology will also allow scores to be recorded in a fair, honest, and transparent way. Each game can have their scores on the blockchain, which also creates a great opportunity for competitive tournaments in games. Game developers should put their games on this space because it will allow them to market their games independently without the necessary funds from traditional investment firms. Super Game Chain aims to let game developers publish their games independently, so that gamers can play their favorite games, and the gaming ecosystem can have the consensus it deserves.

What are some of the barriers you see ahead for Super Game Chain and Crypto Games in general?

The barriers we see for Super Game Chain and the crypto games world is scalability. Right now, most blockchain games are being developed and ran under the Ethereum blockchain. ETH right now is slow and can do 15 TPS, while SGC has achieved 4k TPS with a confirmation time of < 1 minute. We see Super Game Chain as the destination ecosystem to develop and publish games by utilizing blockchain technology. We are currently an ERC-20 token, and we will keep up to date with the development of the cutting-edge blockchain technologies and migrate to the then best blockchain solution (currently a DAG-based blockchain solution) and curate it to the whole gaming world.

What plans do you have for the future for your team and your project?

Super Game Chain aims to be the ultimate blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem. We are currently developing this ecosystem and have a lot to be proud of so far. Our development and operations team consists of top game platform experts, blockchain experts, AI experts, and security experts, as well an all-star team.

The team’s experience comes from a rich and diverse background of top technology and entertainment companies from around the world including Bandai Namco, GSN, Disney Interactive, Gree, RockYou, Samsung, and many more. We have successfully operated a variety of million-user games and have rich experience in platform operations to ensure the safety, security, and stable operation of the platform.

We are also currently expanding our team. We’re hiring summer interns to help with community and marketing.

Any key dates or milestones coming up that you would like to share?

  • SGC Platform: Q2, 2018
  • SGC Blockchain Solution: Q3, 2018
  • Bounty Program: Q3, 2018. Join our Telegram to stay updated on this

You can download the MVP version of our app on Android and iOS by searching “SGC Wallet”.

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