State of Games on the Tron Network – Part 1


This week, we wanted to put a spotlight on the innovative projects being built on the Tron Network. Specifically, we’re going to give you guys a quick overview of the blockchain game initiative we’ve discovered that are integrating with Tron.

The blockchain games scene is still very small, and so far, the lions share of the market has been on Ethereum. But it is always good news when we start to see diversification. Recently, we’ve started to see more an more interesting projects pop up on the Tron Network. As a result, we felt it was time to talk about them!

Before we get started, if you know of any blockchain games on the Tron Network that we haven’t listed here, please reach out to us: [email protected]

Aftermath Islands

aftermath islands logo

30 years into the aftermath of the historical rain storm, floating islands start to emerge from the water. Pirates were quick to claim the islands in search of fame and fortune. The spoils go to the highest bidder.

In Aftermath Islands, players can claim an island, gather resources, and scavenge for junk. The goal is to fortify your island before going to battle with others. The game sounds like a cross between Clash of Clans and the classic RTS archetype.

As with all the projects in this article, Aftermath Island is built on the Tron Network. It is one of the more high fidelity games we’ve seen on Tron.

Check out Aftermath Island here:

Eggies World

eggies world

Eggies World is a new contender to the blockchain game space. And a new game coming to the Tron Network. The game seems like it’s a tamagotchi style game with a bunch of mini games added to it. Players first acquire an egg, which they need to hatch into a Monster. From there, players have a variety of things they can do with their Monster like, take them to the park, battle in the arena, and train them in the gym.

The art is cute and vibrant from what we can see so far. You can check out Eggies World right here:


bitguild tron

BitGuild is a blockchain game portal that originally started on Ethereum (think MiniClip combined with blockchain). The team has been forging innovation in the blockchain game space for a while now. Recently, they announced that they are supporting the Tron Network which can only mean good things for the Tron Network blockchain gaming scene.

While they are still predominantly Ethereum-focused, they did partner with Magic Academy which is a blockchain game in development on the Tron Network.

Check out BitGuild here:

Magic Academy

magic academy logo

Magic Academy is a fantasy-based idle game being built on the Tron Network. In Magic Academy, players can buy Wizards and upgrades to help with the production of Jade. Players can then go to battle against each other for the opportunity to steal some precious Jade from your unsuspecting opponents.

The game claims to be using both TRC721 and TRC20 token standards which I imagine is the equivalent of ERC721 and ERC20 we know from Ethereum.

Learn more about Magic Academy here:


cropbytes tron

The CropBytes community has been a very active community for several months now. It was the first game we knew of that was building on the Tron Network. Having said that, we can’t tell if it’s actually live on Tron or not yet (someone please fill us in).

The game follows a classic farming archetype. Players can purchase farm plots, grow crops, raise animals, and sell them on the marketplace. Players can also purchase various ultra rare heroes that give you and your farm buffs and boosts.

You can check out CropBytes here:


Once again, it’s been really exciting to see the Tron Network blockchain games market pick up recently. Ethereum has been a strong contender, but it’s not fair to say that it’s the best and only solution for the market. Games that pave the way on protocols like Tron will show us new and innovative approaches that could lead to incredible game experiences down the road.

If you know of any innovative games being built on Tron, please reach out to us; we’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

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