Sponsored Games List: Game Submission


Getting your game added to our site is easy.

Sponsored List

Be an official sponsor, and take the #1 spot on our sponsored list (as seen in the sidebar). Your game’s name will appear in the #1 spot and will click through to a URL of your choosing. This is by far our most popular spot.

Once you have the #1 spot, it’s locked for 24 hours. No one else can purchase that top spot until the 24 hours is up. If someone else buys the #1 spot after 24 hours, then your game moves to the #2 spot and so on.

Cost: 0.1 ETH

Sign Up Instructions:

  • Pay the Fee
  • Fill out the form
  • We will have your game live on our list within 4 hours at which point we will lock the list for 24 hours guaranteeing you the top spot.

Step !: Pay the Fee (0.1 ETH)


Step 2: Fill out the Form