Parsec Frontiers – an uncertain future


The blockchain games market is filled with innovation, excitement, and imagination. Many believe that blockchain technology is going to disrupt games like never before. But pioneering a new space isn’t a small feat. And while we wish success for everyone, not everyone will make it.

This week, we received a somber email from the Parsec Frontiers team. They didn’t hit their Soft Cap in the recent public presale, and the future of this epic game is uncertain.

Parsec Frontiers was one of the first games to really capture our attention. It stood out as a magnificent and ambitious project that could really forge new paths in Blockchain Games. It was a game that you root for, because if they succeed, then it would open doors for others.

While this may not be goodbye, it’s certainly not a great position to be in. From the crew at CryptoBitGames, we wish them good luck and all the best.


For those who participated in the presale, information on claiming your refund is available here:

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