OpenSea announces Bundle Sales

opensea bundles

As more and more games hit the market, players will find themselves with crypto collectibles and tokenized assets spread across all their favorite games. Selling those assets one by one can be tedious, especially if you have a lot of them.

The team at OpenSea have finally released one of the most highly anticipated features: bundle sales. What does that mean? It means players can now list all their crypto collectibles for sale for 1 price. Let’s say you have 20 Axies, a bunch of CryptoKitties, and dozens of cards from the Gods Unchained presale; well now you can bundle them all up and sell them together on OpenSea.

opensea bundle sales

Bundling works across games, meaning players can bundle up assets from all their favorite games and sell them together.

Since launch of the Bundle Sales feature, OpenSea has had over 125 bundles from the community. Here are a few favorites:

You can learn more about OpenSea’s new Bundling feature here: Source.

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