nTitle Fury is live!


This morning, we got word from the nTitle team that their blockchain game nTitle Fury is live!

How it works!

  • You earn points for signing up, verifying your email and following the steps to play the game.
  • You also earn points for sharing with friends, completing special challenges and joining nTitle’s social channels.
  • The points that you earn translate to different levels, ranging from Beginner to Legends, where the prize pool increases as you rise through them.
  • By playing the full game, with MetaMask integration, you automatically jump to Intermediate Level.
  • The prize pool is distributed over each points level, with the Legends (Top 50) set to win the most.
  • Prize pool will start at 50,000 USD of NTL, doubling at 15,000 participants and doubling again at 50,000 participants to a maximum prize pool of 200,000 USD of our NTL token.
    NTL tokens will be distributed, after completion of KYC by each participant, on a yet-to-be-determined date.

nTitle Fury

Check out nTitle Fury here: https://fury.ntitle.network/

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