Nacho Men – a blockchain game powered by NEO

nacho men

In the world of Blockchain Games, all eyes are currently on Ethereum. But there are other blockchain ecosystems hoping to make a stamp on this revolution. The trouble is, there’s not a whole lot to write about yet, so it’s exciting when a game comes along that is venturing into new territory. Enter Nacho Men, a blockchain game build on the NEO blockchain.

If you’re a fan of blockchain and luchadores, then this is the game for you. In Nacho Men, players collect luchadore fighters, and battle other players.

Nacho Men: Online matches

The game will support both Casual & Ranked Matches. Each player has to insert tokens to play a Ranked Match, the winner of the battle wins the tokens from both players. These tokens are known as SOUL tokens, and will be used as the currency for the Nacho Men game once the game is fully launched.

nacho men

Nacho Men: Gym training

Each collectible Luchadore has specific randomly generated genes which affects their chances in battle. Players can improve their stats by sending their Luchadores to the gym for training, or they can take consumables. Luchadores also earn XP in battle which can increase the Luchadore’s level and strength in the arena

Nacho Men: Luchadores marketplace

As you would expect, there will be a marketplace available for players to buy and sell Luchadores. Players can buy and sell Luchadores for profit, or use the marketplace to get that extra rare and powerful Luchadore in order to profit in battle.

nacho men

And as mentioned, all of this, built on the NEO blockchain. We hope to see many more projects follow suit.

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