MonsterEOS goes 3D and adds Battles

Monster EOS

MonsterEOS was the first game to launch on the infamous EOS blockchain. It was a simple 2D monster crypto collectible. The thing that made it unique was the fact that it integrated with the EOS blockchain at a time when all attention was on Ethereum.

Let’s take a quick look at where they started with, and what MonsterEOS looks like now.


monstereos homemonstereos battle


monstereos 3dmonstereos battle

Back in August the MonsterEOS team announced it’s partnership with Vertex Studios.

Vertex Studios is an independent game and simulation company based in El Salvador with expertise in machine learning, game development and design.

The goal of the partnership was to onboard further animation and game development experience to the MonsterEOS team to bring MonsterEOS to 3D and on mobile. And it seems that partnership was a success.

While it’s not the most complex game, and the graphics might not be AAA, it’s great to see a crypto game pushing the boundaries on what EOS can do. The MonsterEOS team is blazing trails for many more to come.

You can checkout MonsterEOS here:

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