Major League Baseball partners with Lucid Sight

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The team at Lucid Sight are back with yet ANOTHER spectacular announcement. And it’s bigger than you could ever imagine. Major League Baseball (MLB), one of the biggest sports franchises in the universe, is officially entering the crypto games market, and we owe it all to Lucid Sight.

MLB and Lucid Sight are teaming up to debut the inaugural season of MLB Crypto Baseball. This is the first ever blockchain game to incorporate officially licensed digital collectibles. The game will feature interactive avatar figures and digital collectibles commemorating special moments, featuring official marks from MLB and all 30 MLB Clubs.

“Collectibles have always been a key component of the MLB experience, and we’re excited to bring a whole new flavor of digital souvenirs to our fans.”
Kenny Gersh, EVP, Gaming & New Business Ventures, Major League Baseball

lucid sightFor those who have been watching the blockchain games market, you will be very familiar with Lucid Sight. They initially hit the scene with a massive EVE Online-esque blockchain game called Crypto Space Commander; one of the most ambitious games to-date. Only a few weeks ago they announced their entry into the world of Crypto Game publishing with  Cryptic Conjurer, in partnership with developer Iridium Studios. And now they are dropping a bomb on the market with the announcement of the incredible partnership with MLB.

It goes without saying that Lucid Sight have been 1 of the most prolific teams to enter the blockchain game market. They have being playing a key role in pushing the industry forward and bringing this small market to the masses. I personally can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

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