Lucid Sight makes history at Dodger’s Stadium

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The crypto community as a whole has been a pretty niche world, and the crypto game community is an even smaller subset of that. But yesterday, Lucid Sight made history by bringing crypto collectibles to one of the most mainstream platforms in the world.

The LA Dodgers in partnership with Lucid Sight airdropped 40,000 ERC721 NFTs into Dodger’s stadium. While this alone is a monumental event, there are some smaller pieces to this that are just as important, but maybe get less attention.

Specifically, I’m talking about the mobile apps that launched earlier this week on iOS and Google Play. The relationship between Apple and Crypto has been a tumultuous one; recently Apple forced Coinbase to take out Crypto Collectibles from their wallet app. But with MLB Crypto Baseball, Lucid Sight were able to get through the Apple approval process successfully, all above board.

This is great news for the crypto games community. It means there are routes through the approval process while Apple figures out their policies.

MLB Crypto Baseball: So how did they get through?

dodgers MLB cryptoWhile it was a big win to get through the Apple approval process, it wasn’t without some compromise. The app allows viewing crypto collectibles, it also allows users to redeem their MLB crypto collectible at Dodger’s stadium, but it doesn’t allow buying or selling of Crypto Collectibles. It’s the buying and selling that is a sticking point for Apple; and to no surprise since this has always been their stance.

What we can hope is that this opens the door for others, and also helps push the crypto agenda forward.

Kudos to Lucid Sight for such a groundbreaking initiative. Congrats to all those involved, and we look forward to the next big announcement.

mlb crypto baseball dodgers
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