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Today in Women of Blockchain, we talk to Emma from Fair Game about game design and online marketing. Emma brings her talents and perspective to the fast growing market of blockchain games. We had a chance to connect with her, and learn all about her journey so far, and the road ahead.

Tell me about your background and how you got into the blockchain space.

I was trained as designer in the US, and spent 8 years in Atlanta, Los Angles, San Francisco and then moved to NYC to get my masters. I work between technology, marketing, branding and design(…and a bit of fashion).

After climbing the corporate ladders as a PR person in some multinational design firms both in the US and Singpapore for a few years, I had a moment of realization that I wanted to work in technology. (One of my fellow alumni in NYC was a co-founder of Pinterest!) I was struck by the opportunity to create things that would be used by millions of people immediately. It was exciting and legendary.

I made a conscious effort to learn about technology, UI/UX, then front end and some back end before I stumbled upon an opportunity to join a fast-growing VR company. I was working on marketing, business development and operation of the firm (became the COO of the VR company later on) until I dived into the blockchain space.

What advice would you give to other women coming into blockchain?                 

One of my friends (who is also female in blockchain) suggested me last night, “Don’t forget to try out a male pseudonym in one of your groups and see if you find more traction.”

For me, to be able to learn the language of coding and programming is very important. I was not trying to be the best programmers, but I believe it is essential to be able to think like a programmer. It gave me an edge in project management, and also help me communicate effectively with my team.

What are you most excited about when it comes to blockchain technology?           

I am working in the intersection between blockchain and gaming. I believe that blockchain games, as the most popular market concept in 2018, will eventually put an end to existing problems in the gaming industry and gradually evolve into the development direction of mainstream game products in the future. Hence, it has become a must for traditional game manufacturers to break through their own and realize the expansion of the profits.

What have been some of the challenges for you in your role?

I am currently working on the media/Marketing/PR/BD of Fair.Game, a gaming platform based on blockchain. Fair.Game has been among the first in the world to launch an innovative blockchain game that operates on the official chain.

We just launched the world’s stimulation game Fair City with huge success and overwhelming positive responses. It is a real treasury found in the world of simulation games that exercises all blockchain perks to provide gamers with fair and transparent gaming environment. The most distinctive feature of Fair City reveals through its ability to bypass a random out-of-box game play.Thus, giving players full transparency.

As the blockchain space is relatively new, I will need to apply my past experience, for example, the rules of fashion (Yes, I tried to be a PR person in the Fashion Industry for over year) to the design and marketing of our new game Fair City I realized that I really have to release my ideas to soak in new circumstances, but not so much that we lose touch with our unique natural talents or distinct background.

What have you learned the most so far?

I have learned so much about social media marketing. I was and have been a very private person, and I haven’t updated my Facebook for years! I feel blessed I met some amazing friends in such a short in this space. With their help, our most recent new blockchain game Fair City went viral on Twitter, and has been featured on Product Hunt, Coinspeaker, Bitcoin Warrior, thecryptocollectors etc. Fair City was named “Game of the Week” by crypto gamer community. The closed beta has just closed and the first 500 plots of land sold out in just 10 minutes. Our community has doubled in number in one week, now we have a 25k following across all our social media. All these have made me so happy!

What do you hope to accomplish over the next few years?

We believe the implementation of the blockchain technology into mainstream games will be a good solution for game developers. Today, SDK is an essential foundation for cooperation of the game platform and the game developers. Our platform Fair.Game has created a way to facilitate the process of the blockchain technology implementation. The Fair SDK will be launched to bring more benefits to traditional game developers who will have an opportunity to enjoy fairness and work with game assets, safe digital wallets and digital currency payments.

We will also launch Fair Game Assets Marketplace, which represents itself a fair and open game asset trading platform. Players will receive a chance to freely trade the game asset on the chain. The blockchain technology will ensure the trust mechanisms and security.
Personally, I am completely in love with learning new things. I felt make connection between diverse pursuits, and day-to-day enjoyment of the process. Besides learning Solidity, I need to play more games! I chose to become a nerd since 18, and I missed out all the good games. I have made a commitment to spend more time gaming.

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