IMGA launches blockchain game awards and summit

imga blockchain

The International Mobile Games Awards have been a staple in the mobile industry for many years. So it’s exciting to hear that they are launching their first blockchain game awards along with a blockchain games summit.

The competition is currently live. If you’re interested in participating, you can submit your game by simply sending a link to [email protected], with information about your team and a short description of the game.

“Games represent an important business for blockchain.” Added Joony Koo, partner at Block Crafters Inc., and Chairman of the Blockchain Games Jury. “I look forward to seeing games that are innovative around Blockchain. Games that clearly utilize Blockchain and cryptocurrency as a drive for innovation.”

“We are excited to have the International Mobile Game Awards this year as part of our annual GameFest in Manila. This shows the growing influence of the Philippines in the global game industry. We are happy to honor the best games made in Southeast Asia, and host the inaugural Blockchain Game Awards as well”, says Gabby Dizon, co-founder and Chairman of

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