Gods Unchained – celebrating the post-presale

gods unchained update

For those who have been following along with the Gods Unchained presale, I’m sure you have all been as blown away as we were. Word on the street is they raised $1.3M in 15 days. Those are incredibly impressive figures.

Hot off the presale, the team behind Gods Unchained have made several announcements. And here they are in no particular order:

1/2 Million Cards Sold

Over 500,000 cards are have been sold and are in circulation with players.

Tournament Passes: SOLD OUT

20,000 tournament passes were available, and every last one was sold. The tournament prize pool reached a whopping $285,000 USD.

Second most valuable TCG card in the world

Hyperion is the first one of a kind Mythic Titan, and it sold at auction for 146.27 ETH (~$61,000 USD). This makes Hyperion the second most valuable TCG card in the world,  after MTG’s 25-year-old ‘Alpha Black Lotus’.

It goes without saying that Gods Unchained have had one of the most successful presales in the history of this small market. And it doesn’t look like they are slowing down either. They have also announced the release of their GU API which will allow developers to build 3rd party tools; they’ve launched a Twitch channel; and they’re localizing the game into 5 additional languages.

Stay tuned for a deeper analysis on their presale from us.

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