Fortnite Merch store accepts Monero

monero fortnite

It’s officially 2019, and we’re out of the gates with some incredible news for the Crypto community. The Fortnite Merch store is officially accepting Monero (XMR) as a cryptocurrency payment option.

This news certainly came out of left field, and while it’s not exactly directly to do with blockchain games, it’s undoubtedly a great step forward for cryptocurrency.

Whether you’ve played it or not, everyone knows Fortnite, an online battle royale game released in July 2017 by Epic Games. The game has garnered an incredible amount of success, reportedly amassing more than 125 million players worldwide. In October 2018, Epic Games was valued at over $15 billion in its latest funding round. And most recently, they announced the launch of their Epic Store, a competitor to Steam.

So it goes without question that if a game with this kind of mass appeal integrates cryptocurrency in any way, it’s gonna be big news for the market.

What does this mean for the long term? We can only speculate. Are they testing the waters with the intentions to expand their integration with crypto? Only time will tell. But one thing we can say for sure, is that they are most definitely crypto-friendly, which is nothing but a good thing for furthering the crypto agenda.

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