Exclusive interview with Lucid Sight CEO, Randy Saaf

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Lucid Sight is a team that’s been great at being in the spotlight. And that’s because they’ve had great reasons to be in the spotlight. They first broke onto the scene with the ambitious Crypto Space Commander with an incredibly successful presale. They then made a bold step into the blockchain game Publishing arena with the announcement of Cryptic Conjure. And they most recently hit a home run with the groundbreaking partnership with Major League Baseball.

randy saaf
Randy Saaf, CEO
Lucid Sight

With such a busy schedule, it was an honor to get time with their CEO, Randy Saaf to learn more about their vision, their approach, and the things that make Lucid Sight one of the most compelling teams in the blockchain games market.

We are most excited about true digital ownership.  People spend a lot of time and money in games and they should own the stuff in the games.  It is as simple as that.

Lucid Sight has built an reputation of moving extremely quickly with boundless innovation. From mobile to blockchain games, you have continuously been on the forefront. What can we learn from your approach to leadership? How do you preserve a culture of innovation within your team?

We are a game studio first and foremost.  We love love love gaming.  Making games is a grueling job that requires passion.  Everyone on our team wouldn’t put in the time and effort they do if they didn’t love games.  So, in that regard, we are lucky that the industry we chose is the best industry to be in.  At the last company I founded, we were an iOS App Store launch partner and had 14 of the first 100 free iPhone games.  So, we use those war stories to make everyone feel comfortable that new industries for gaming can be the most exciting, and it will not end up how you expect.  We call it frontier gaming!


In only a few short months you’ve made several big moves in the market from launching your own sci-fi game to publishing a game in collaboration with Iridium Studios, and now your latest partnership with MLB. Tell us why these steps were so important for you. and how do they role up into your vision for Lucid Sight?

It seems like we have done a lot in a few months but what you are seeing is the product of over a year.  We started talking to MLB about a blockchain game in July of 2017, well before CryptoKitties and other dApps went viral.  We struck a deal and have been developing MLB Crypto Baseball for a year.  This will be, by far, the biggest budget blockchain game created to date.  We wanted to bring AAA gaming and AAA brands to crypto gaming to really accelerate the consumer adoption.  Pre-registration for the game is open now and there is a pretty great referral program with lots of free goodies.  https://www.mlbcryptobaseball.com/

mlb crypto baseball

Crypto Space Commander is a passion project of our CTO, Fazri.  If you know him, he is the biggest enthusiast of space games you will ever meet.  He had a very clear picture of what he wanted to do in CSC.  He wanted a game that combines the economics of EVE Online tied to Ethereum with a Diablo 3 graphics style.  His clear vision and passion with the community has been the key to its early success.   You can check it out at https://cryptospacecommander.com/


Cryptic Conjure is also a passion project.  A colleague we have known and respected for years, Jason  Wishnov, had spent seven months developing the game for PC, XBOX, and Playstation in the Unreal game engine.  Fazri has been talking to him for a while about our progess with CSC and the two realized how much more powerful his game experience would be if the assets were tied to the blockchain.  Thus, Lucid Sight publishing was born so that we could facilitate the blockchain programming and he could continue on the creative game design.  Fazri and Jason work closely to balance the game economics and make sure it is authentic to blockchain gaming.  You can check out Jason’s Medium posts to see his passion https://crypticconjure.com/

I think it’s safe to say for most people, the blockchain games market is a grey area. We’re all still learning what a “blockchain game” is. What’s your perspective on blockchain technology as it relates to games? What are you most excited about?

We are most excited about true digital ownership.  People spend a lot of time and money in games and they should own the stuff in the games.  It is as simple as that.  Blockchain facilitates digital ownership, and thus, creates a whole new dimension to gaming.  For Lucid Sight, the game has to be first and foremost fun!  We are not interested in doing blockchain science experiments.  We are excited to put out fun games where people can own the fruits of their gaming.  Just because a game is on the blockchain does not mean that the traditional elements of game design don’t matter.  Graphics, stories, and game design are all still important in blockchain gaming.  To Lucid Sight, Blockchain Gaming is just Gaming.

Tell us in your words the significance of your incredible partnership with MLB, for Lucid Sight and the Industry. Why MLB?

Our deal with MLB marks the first time a major AAA consumer brand with affinity has fully embraced a consumer-facing blockchain project.  Baseball is the quintessential collectors brand, so they were the number one license we went after.  If you were to explain NFTs to a lay person, you would say “it’s like baseball cards on the blockchain” or “baseball cards meets Bitcoin” or something like that.   Now that we have secured this first major license, it will be easier for the entire blockchain gaming industry to work with licensors, and I hope they do. Consumers like AAA quality games and the brands the love.

As a side, I also think many new consumers will be introduced to crypto because they are fans of baseball.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re dying to know more about the game. What can you tell us beyond what you’ve already announced?

I can announce that we have more announcements coming soon!  The timing of the announcements and roll out of the game is part of the game.  I suggest people join our Discord which you can find at https://www.mlbcryptobaseball.com/.  The devs are on Discord all the time, so you never know when one will slip up and reveal a clue.    

And finally, I’m gonna get to the most important question: are you time travelers?

We are all time travelers because The Future Is NOW!!!

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