EverdreamSoft and BitCrystals join Ubisoft’s startup program

EDS Bitcrystals Ubisoft

EverdreamSoft and Ubisoft have both become known for blazing trails in the blockchain game space, each in their own way. EverdreamSoft is considered the grandfather of blockchain games. They are the creators of Spells of Genesis (SoG) which launched back in April 2017 (long before CryptoKitties hit the market). The game is built on the Counterparty platform which integrated with the Bitcoin blockchain.

They are also well known for the Book of Orb wallet, the BitCrystals platform, and their next generation multi-chain digital wallet with integrated dapp browser, Casa Tookan. That’s a lot to have under your belt so early on in the market.

Ubisoft needs no introduction, but they have made a name for themselves in the blockchain games market for being one of the first big gaming companies to really get their hands dirty in this space. I first saw them make an appearance at Blockchain Gamer Connects conference in San Francisco where they announced their first blockchain game, HashCraft. Since then they’ve been very proactive in the community, including hosting Blockchain Heroes, a blockchain games hackathon that took place in France this past July.

Well if you’re impressed by all of that, then you’ll be excited to know that EverdreamSoft and BitCrystals have joined Ubisoft’s startup program. The program lasts 5 month and brings experts, workshops and personalised help to entrepreneurs.

Alain Corre, executive director of EMEA Territories at Ubisoft explains that “by supporting start-ups, Ubisoft hopes to encourage the emergence of new ideas, projects and entrepreneurs that will help shape the future of entertainment, all together.”

We’re very excited for EverdreamSoft, and the path ahead for them. I’m sure they’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for us. And we wish them the best of luck on this new endeavor with Ubisoft.

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