Everdragons builds bridge into TRON

everdragons tron

The team at Everdragons are blazing new trails by being one of the first blockchain games to go multi-chain. They have successfully integrated their blockchain game with ETH, POA, and now TRON.

On top of that, they’ve build some incredibly innovative tech that allows for a rather seamless multi-chain user experience. They call this tech “the bridge”. In layman’s terms, the bridge allows players to easily move their crypto collectibles from one chain to another with a click of a button.

everydragons bridge

By being able to move assets freely across chains, users can play the markets with ease. If you’re seeing a lot of action on TRON, then move your assets over using the bridge, and get in on it!

Currently, players can bridge in the following ways:

  • ETH – POA
  • ETH – TRON
  • POA – TRON

They’ve also promised that bi-directional bridging is on its way!

As we’ve said before, multi-chain blockchain games are starting to become a real thing. And teams like the folks at Everdragons are pioneering some innovative and extremely new ideas. It’s really exciting to see where this will all go.

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