EtherLambos – high-end luxury vehicles on the Ethereum blockchain

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In the exciting emerging world of Crypto Games, we’re starting to see some really unique concepts come to market. EtherLambos brings the world of high-end luxury cars to the blockchain. Let’s face it, we’ve all dreamed about owning a sweet luxury car, and now we can, thanks to EtherLambos. We had the pleasure of talking to the team this week about their project and their plans for the future.

Can you tell me a bit of background about your team? What inspired you to get into blockchain / crypto games?

Our team consists of programmers and car enthusiasts who believe that blockchain technology will be the world’s game changer. We are convinced that there is a paradigm shift going on right now: away from alternative payment means towards more sustainable store of value concepts, such as crypto-collectibles, which have superior features over offline-collectibles. All of us have a desire to possess things of value like beautiful cars. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can now possess non-fungible assets that are not up to wear and tear. How great is that!?

Tell me about how the vision for EtherLambos came about. What inspired you to make a game like this?

EtherLambos is the vision to bring the off-line world of supercars to the blockchain. It also finally answers the pertinent meme question “whenlambo”?. We have translated the features of the most prominent cryptocurrencies into the language of high-end blockchain vehicles. Take our model “Charlie”: all specifications are programmed in light of the features of Litecoin. For example, the sleek body represents the quick block generation time. But that’snot all: all Etherlambos can be tuned and modified. We will also tailor individual cars and allow for sponsorship, like in the offline world of sports cars. At a later stage, we are even considering launching car shows and competitions.

What are some of the barriers you see ahead for your project and Crypto Games in general?

We do not see ourselves so much as competitors to crypto games, which face the challenge of delivering an experience similar to those of conventional games. Etherlambos is different. We take the store of value concept seriously through a strict limitation of items policy. Gamification elements come on top of this.

What plans do you have for the future for your team and your project? Any announcements coming up?

We were overwhelmed by the support of the community. For example, our Litecoin supercar is Charlie Lee-approved and Fluffypony loves our XMR beauty. Also the media has picked up our project quite quickly. The positive feedback pushes us to work day and night to deliver quality to the community. Next steps? First, we are going to present new models and we will offer brand-new tuning options. Then we are opening our own market place and will allow for tailoring of individual vehicles. Partnerships are also in the pipeline and will be presented soon. Stay tuned and check out EtherLambos !

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For more information about EtherLambos, visit their website, or follow them on twitter @EtherLambos.

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