eMoon – the growing dex market


Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) play an important role in the blockchain game market. They give players a way to buy, sell and trade tokenized assets freely which is a critical part of the value that blockchain brings to the games industry. When you think about true ownership, a critical piece is feeling like you can do what you want with the item you own. If I buy a couch from Ikea, I am free to turn around and put it on Ebay, because once I purchase it, it’s mine to do with as I see fit. Ikea doesn’t get to decide what I do with it after I’ve bought it.

By the same token (pun intended), if I buy a digital tokenized asset, I should have the same control, right? This is where services like eMoon come into play.

eMoon is “a Decentralized Market For Crypto Assets — ERC20 and ERC721”. eMoon provides a critical service to blockchain gamers, providing a frictionless marketplace for players of games built on the ethereum platform. While they haven’t had a ton of attention in media, they have been quietly growing their marketplace and making a meaningful dent in this new but flourishing space.

Let’s look at some of the benchmarks eMoon has hit:

  • Total number of items bought: 1178
  • Total number of items listed: 2575
  • Distinct users that created transactions: 528
  • Sales through smart contract: 175.2753 ETH

Most of the transactions that take place on eMoon are for items tokenized as ERC20. In particular, games like Ethergoo and Ethercraft have seen a LOT of their items pass through the eMoon marketplace. And I’m sure it’s no surprise that recently, Gods Unchained has seen some action too. As part of their presale, they sold tokenized passes to the Gods Unchained open tournament. The tournament pot grew to a whopping $314k, and of course, a few whales quickly snapped up the passes and flipped them onto eMoon.

You will all agree that it is very early in the blockchain games market. But there are those like eMoon who are helping us push the needle forward. eMoon plays an essential role for developers and players. If you haven’t seen eMoon before, I would recommend you check them out. The more we are able to create frictionless marketplaces for digital assets, the more value they will have; and this is exactly where blockchain empowers the gaming community.

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