Cryptpage releases new UI

cryptage beta

It’s great to see a developer who listens to the community. After all, we’re all creating experiences we want our players to enjoy. Cryptage have recently announced a redesign of their UI which was a direct result of the general feedback they received from their community.

According to the folks at Cryptage, the feedback could be summed up simply as “we love the artwork and the looks of Cryptage, but we wish there weren’t as many numbers all over the place”.

The UI refresh aimed at addressing this very issue, so we’ll kick it over to you to decide if the results are working.

cryptage ui

For those not familiar with this blockchain game, Cryptage Origins is an idle strategy and card trading browser game built on the Etheruem blockchain. The game is set in a cryptopunk futuristic distopia, where players set out to build their own blockchain ventures and rise to power.

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