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This week, I had a chance to interview the team behind CryptoHorse which launched in January, 2018. They have a fascinating perspective on the place of Crypto Games in our emerging global economy.

What inspired you to get into blockchain / crypto games?

We all still have the cruel financial crisis of 2008 in mind. Everyone should be allowed to participate in a globalized world. Admittedly for this purpose, it needs clear rules of the game. These are nowhere (so) effective and varied as a blockchain. The first “useless” coins gave us the idea to look for the deeper benefits of the system. We create decentralized applications, with benefits and, above all, with pleasure in strategy and fun. The “earning money” for the future should be enjoyable. We see crypto games as high-value technology. The games market is being revolutionized. New job opportunities in the course of robotization are needed.

Tell me about how the vision for CryptoHorse came about.

We wondered why many people shy away from the stock market and financial speculation. One reason is the high entry barrier. Not every person on earth has a bank account. Our vision is that everyone (whether in Congo, Japan, or elsewhere) wants to share in a world created for Him. The idea of ​​bringing some kind of DNA to the blockchain is fascinating. To create immortal beings – a childhood dream of every young inventor.

What is the basic gameplay of CryptoHorse?

The core element of the game is horse racing and the necessary infrastructure. Close your eyes and imagine a racetrack for a moment. We offer an economic system around horse racing. You can buy/sell horses on our horses. You breed horses in your stable. In the jockey club, you are looking for the right jockey for your horse. Our future features offer extreme enjoyment -, especially for far-sighted strategists. Various racetracks will be opened this summer. Everyone can buy such a racetrack and earn in races. Not to forget are horseshoes and saddles. Every month, Crypto Horse City grows.

Why did you decide to use Ethereum?

Etherum has the ERC721 standard, sufficient scalability, good programmers, and first-rate market capitalization. The development environments at Ethereum are beneficial. We do not find our own coin for our game useful. Due to our strong market position in China, we are increasingly looking at NEO and other coins. We can imagine our application on other platforms.

What are some of the barriers you see ahead for Crypto Games in general?

The risk of a crypto market crash, we’re not worried. We are just at the beginning of a hype. It will cool down again. But what happens then? Our community should not be exposed to a second dotcom bubble. We work on long-term success and organic growth. We need quality and meaningful regulation. Above all, the uncertain legal situation in many countries is causing problems for many in the industry.

The blockchain gaming market is currently still small. Not more than 50 thousand users are active every day. It needs trust and understanding of the technology. The market for crypto games is mass-marketable and then I hope our servers survive the influx 🙂

What plans do you have for the future of CryptoHorse?

I would like to tell you, just for your readers, some secret information from our developer labs. We are planning 6 different racing disciplines. We are currently developing the weather and farms. In the future, you can buy a farmer. He breeds cows for you. The leather of the cows can be brought to the saddle maker. He makes a saddle …

A complex economic cycle is growing. Wondering where the iron for the horseshoe came from? Mines, lumberjacks, blacksmiths, fountains, art, food markets – let yourself be surprised.

Not only do we want to sell plots of land, we want to create a city that lives and pulsates. An ecosystem that grows organically. The top maxim of our actions is the task of our racecourse owners to provide the optimal infrastructure.

What’s remarkable about CryptoHorse is that it shows us that Crypto Games aren’t just for Game Developers. There are people, like the CryptoHorse team, with unique and forward thinking perspectives looking at Crypto Games as a way to solve global issues. And I for one will be cheering them on!

For more information on CryptoHorse, visit their website.

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