CryptoFights Presale is Live!

cryptofights presale

CryptoFights has officially launched their long awaited presale. This is your chance to secure some CryptoFights weapons, limited-edition loot, and — for the first time ever — Legendary Armor!

There will be just over 3500 loot chests available for purchase, and each will have a random chance to pull an item from the loot pool. 1 chest = 1 item, ranging from:

  • CryptoFights MFT (which will earn holders an exclusive Founders Weapon Bundle, as well as perpetual rewards and other bonuses).
  • Genesis Zero Weapons (common-legendary rarity levels).
  • Four different types of Early Adopter weapons (Quarterstaff, Shortsword, Club, and Dagger). These limited-edition weapons have a custom branded “EA” symbol on the weapon and will never be minted again.
  • Special-tier weapons such as the user-designed Zolfaghar and Cingano’s Claw
  • Legendary Armor — For the first time ever, you will have a chance to own CryptoFights Armor. Never released before now, this is your chance to equip a powerful piece of blockchain gaming history!

If you’re a fan of CryptoFights, you can checkout more info on their official Medium announcement post: source.

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