CryptoAssault – prepare for war


This week, a game called CryptoAssault caught my attention. The game was just recently announced, and according to the roadmap on their website, the presale is scheduled for October 2018 followed by a launch in November 2018.

As the blockchain game market gains momentum, more and more interesting and unique projects are starting to appear. There is so much yet to be explored, and no one really knows what a “blockchain game” is…yet.

CryptoAssault is a strategy MMO built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can deploy their troops into a persistent world, attack other players, and capture territory. Players will be able to upgrade units, mine resources, build bases and form alliances in a near-future, war-torn world. Based on their description of the game, CryptoAssault seems to be a cross between games like Red Alert, Dune and Desert Strike, but in a persistent world. Sounds pretty cool.

CryptoAssault: The Blockchain

As you would expect, players will own their armies and will be free to trade them with others. There also seems to be a meta game where players need to collect matching units in order to evolve them. This makes trading a necessity if you want to improve your troops.

Furthermore, Ethereum and tokenized assets will be used as rewards for players in-game. The goal here is to give players a way by playing rather than spending.

And finally, and maybe most interesting, is their idea for voting system that can affect the world. With voting on the blockchain, players have a provable way to mix things up and add interesting variety to the game. Voting can be used to coordinate attacks, research new technologies, elect guild leaders, establishing trade agreements, etc.

While we’ve only just heard about this game, it’s definitely sparked our interested with some unique blockchain mechanics. And on top of that, according to their website, their presale and launch are just around the corner. So we won’t have to wait long to see what it’s all about.

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