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    Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

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    Crypto Games List: Spells of Genesis

    When the world is torn between power-hungry elements, only you can fight the forces of evil, with the help of some pretty cool looking cards. Spells of Genesis is a Crypto Game developed by All 4 Genesis and EverdreamSoft (a Swiss company). It is a trading card game (TCG) where players can collect cards that can be used in battle or traded on the Blockchain.

    With a unique combination of adventure, story, and collectible cards, Spells of Genesis offers an exciting experience for gamers and collectors alike.

    Spells of Genesis: Gameplay

    The story begins on Askian Valley, where peace had reigned and a strong economy of precious crystals had been able to thrive. But Emperor Daryen of Sayosia has other ideas, and a great battle lies ahead.

    The goal of the game is to collect cards and fight opponents who are seeking to take over Askian Valley. Along the way you can collect gold, crystals, and cards that you can use to gain power and destroy your enemies.

    Players will travel to the far reaches of Askian Valley in search of glory. The gold you earn along the way is used to obtain new and more valuable cards, while crystals come in handy for powering up your creatures so they can be more effective against your foes. As your card collection grows, you can fuse similar cards together to create bigger, more powerful creatures.

    Spells of Genesis uses the concept of constant evolution, rather than “leveling up”, which you see in many games. As you progress, your character evolves and becomes better and more powerful characters. Evolving your character earns you more gold that you can use for purchasing or powering-up cards. Players must also evolve at least 3 times before cards can be traded on their marketplace.

    Spells of Genesis: Cryptocurrency

    To facilitate your card collection in-game, Spells of Genesis uses a cryptocurrency called BitCrystals (BCY). BitCrystals operate on the counterparty platform, which is a third-party platform that facilitates the trading of cryptocurrencies and digital assets using the reliability of the blockchain.

    Within the game, BCY comes is used to purchase and trading cards. BCY can also be traded on the counterparty platform for other cryptocurrencies such as Counterparty Tokens and Bitcoin.

    One really cool aspect of Counterparty Tokens is it’s ability to allow digital assets to travel between ecosystems and games. As a result, players can take their cards into SabuTori Island (another game integrated with counterparty), and use their cards to summon monsters.

    To maintain the supply of BCY, the developers of the game destroy half of the collection accumulated from card-sales after every month. This deflationary economic framework keeps the value of BCY high by limiting the supply.

    Spells of Genesis continues to be one of the most interesting games built on blockchain technology. It goes without question that trading cards make the perfect crypto collectible.

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