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    Cryptocurrency: ETH

    Status: Pre-Sale

    ETH.Town: Crypto Games List

    This April, an interesting twist to cryptogames is expected to hit the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum Town (or ETH.Town) is a real estate game where you can invest in properties, sell, and manage them with the aim of making a profit. It is all about outwitting and out-strategizing others in order to gain a competitive advantage and ultimately get some Ether.

    Currently, the game is in the pre-sale phase where you can purchase a property and other in-game elements in advance.

    ETH.Town: Gameplay

    The main interface of the game occurs on a single crypto tower.  You are essentially a realtor who can purchase various floors that consist of offices and apartments. Each floor of the tower contains unique properties that come with their own set of rules. It is up to you to strategize according to the profit structure and guidelines of each floor in order to receive bonuses and profit.

    You can expect to experience interesting twists along your real estate journey. The developers of the game have not been forthcoming with this information, so we will just have to wait for the launch of the game to see what exciting twists they have in store for us.

    With each floor that you participate in, you will collect achievements that are stored to your personal collection. These achievements can be used to make your Eth. Town journey more engaging as you continue to purchase properties.

    As you manage your floor, you stand to make a profit if someone beats your price and purchases the floor from you. In addition, purchasing a new floor gives you access to the entire area and a membership to the prestigious investors club.

    Heroes and minigames 

    In addition to buying, selling, and managing floors on the crypto tower, there is another interesting twist to the game. This twist involves characters called heroes. Heroes will help you get the most revenue from each floor that you’re managing, and they can also present additional revenue opportunities by themselves.

    The details of how all this works is still being kept as a secret by the developers. However, the concept seems to be quite exciting and hopefully makes the anticipated launch this month worth the wait.

    Each hero starts off as a level 0 character and can be upgraded to level 15 (the highest level) through gameplay. There is also a feature where some of the characters can be merged to produce 2 kids. With each merger/birthing process, the parents will self-destruct (which sounds a little morbid). Each character will have a special relation with a particular floor and will have a role in the mini-games that occur as part of the gameplay.

    eth.town heroes

    ETH.Town: Cryptocurrency

    As the name of the game suggests, Ethereum Town is expected to use Ether as its cryptocurrency. You can use Ether to engage in the current pre-sale on their website, and in-game purchases, as well as in-game rewards which are expected to be handed out in Ether. You can also get a head start in the pre-sale by buying heroes in advance before the official launch. There are currently level 6 characters on sale on their website at 0.044 ETH.

    There is still a lot more we can expect from Eth.Town, so definitely keep an eye on this project.

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