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    Cryptocurrency: ETH

    Status: In Development

    Dragonereum: Crypto Games List

    Since the onset of blockchain-based games, there have been two distinct categories: crypto collectibles and crypto games. Most crypto collectibles don’t have elements of actual gameplay, but the team at Dragonereum are working hard to take crypto collectibles to the next level.

    Dragonereum: Gameplay

    The basic gameplay involves the ability for players to collect, trade, and interbreed dragons. Each dragon is unique and has its own defined set of abilities. Similar to CryptoKitties, dragons have unique sets of DNA that are used to define the characteristics of new dragons that arise from the breeding process.

    Understanding the breeding process

    In Dragonereum, players can engage their dragons in head to head and group battles. With every battle that is won, the dragon gains experience points. Experience points then accumulate to a threshold where they can be used to level up the dragon for breeding purposes.

    Any two dragons that have gained the required status can breed at any time. You can breed dragons by placing them on the marketplace (essentially acting as a genome supplier), paying other users to breed with your dragons, or breeding two of your own dragons. You can gain wider gene variability by breeding outside of your own collection. There is also the presence of recessive and dominant genes, where the interplay of each set of genes will define the abilities of the new dragon offspring.

    The basic idea is to breed dragons, take them into the arena, and make the as powerful as possible.

    Interactive gameplay

    Dragonereum has interactive gameplay that is designed to supplement the crypto collectible features. When the game first starts, users will purchase either an egg or a dragon from the marketplace. You will then decide on a fighting strategy that the dragon will have based on its current abilities. In addition, dragons can be trained to improve their skills. The actual fighting process involves a series of attack and defense moves that will determine whether your dragon wins or loses.

    The winner of every fight will receive gold that can be used to obtain a variety of in-game services (such as purchasing items or healing an injured dragon).

    Dragonereum: Cryptocurrency

    Dragonereum is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Ether is used to purchase dragon eggs when starting off, or to obtain dragons from the marketplace.

    In addition, users can buy sell unique abilities on the marketplace. For example, dragons with a healing ability can heal other dragons for a fee.

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