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    Cryptocurrency: ETH / CRS


    Crystal Reign: Crypto Games List

    Crystal Reign is a browser strategy MMO, built with Ethereum, and uses an ERC20 token called Crystal Reign Shard (CRS). The game is currently in both alpha testing and ICO, both ending on April 31st before the public beta is released. The ICO currently has a 30% bonus, 1300CRS=1ETH, and any amount is purchasable.

    Crystal Reigns: Gameplay

    The game consists of a 3D Hex map with 800×800 tiles. Each player creates an account through Metamask and is randomly allocated a tile on the map. Starting settlements consist of a city map, with a castle and 20 empty building sites and an outer-city map which has 25 resource plots based on the tile biome. Players build and upgrade these sites to develop their city and increase their production. Food, Wood, Iron, Stone and Clay all serve different purposes in the production chain and each of the 5 biomes give additional production bonuses to one of these resources.

    Players can build 5 different unit types: Archer, Swordsman, Spearman, Mage and Cavalry. There is an underlying rock-paper- scissors dynamic between these units, however, this is offset by various considerations such as terrain bonuses, item abilities and commander perks. As armies can be split into divisions with attacking bonuses and specialties there is a tactical advantage in conducting reconnaissance with scouting parties and understanding the unit distribution of an opposing force before attacking.

    crystal reign screen
    the flags in-game represent the armies

    Armies are governed by a commander, a unique unit who gains souls for each unit killed by his army. Souls can be spent to upgrade the commander and give specific perks to the army. Speed and attack perks can help give an edge to raiding parties whilst terrain specializations and defence perks can
    bolster a defensive army.

    Rare items and animals are scattered around the map which can be hunted in order to gain raw materials for the production of advanced armor and weaponry. Trading of resources gathered can be conducted through the use of caravans built at a marketplace.

    With a consulate, players can begin to join guilds and fight together with other players. As there are monetary rewards released in-game there are a variety of distribution options available to guild leaders. Wealth can be distributed according to rank, according to who has earned the most or
    distributed evenly amongst the guild. In-game rewards can also be taxed by the guild in order to finance future battles.

    crystal reign screenThe guild panel

    Crystal Reign: The Token

    The CRS token has a total supply of 50M. The primary game mechanic involves 1000 CRS being handed to players who control one of 64 randomly selected hex tiles over a 24hr period. The occur each week and provide players the opportunity to work together in large scale battles for monetary rewards. Engaging in this mechanic becomes more attractive as 80% of revenue from in-game purchases is added to the reward as a bonus. There are several varieties of in-game purchases:

    Relics: These are unique items that can be wielded by commanders. They can be upgraded using souls earned by commanders and appear permanently on the map when dropped by a defeated army. They require CRS to be produced.

    Resurrections: High level dead commanders can be resurrected using CRS. Due to the cumulative nature of the exp mechanic for commanders we feel this will increase the stakes for high level players whilst also balancing the “snowball” effect.

    Aesthetic Purchases: Special skins for castles and units that add color to the game and make players stand out will always be purchasable with ETH and CRS.

    Individual Production Bonuses: Boosting production and reducing production time will be possible for players through spending either ETH or CRS. ETH costs will scale with production costs whilst CRS costs will remain static. This means that instantly upgrading a high level building will cost more in ETH than for a low level building but will remain constant in terms of CRS. This will create an environment where pay-to- win mechanics are effectively removed for high level players as they become economically unfeasible at high levels.

    Guild Bonuses: Guild bonuses provide members with strong advantages and at lower cost compared to individual bonuses. These are only available with CRS and can only be issued through the guild treasury — a unique Ethereum account assigned to the guild.


    We believe crystal reign to be a fresh and innovative game within the crypto gaming world. More info can be found in the whitepaper: http://crystalreign.io/CRWhitepaper.pdf

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