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    URL: https://cropbytes.com

    Cryptocurrency: TRX

    Status: Live

    CropBytes: Crypto Games List

    Back when the social games market first came on the scene, there was a small game that helped push the entire industry forward: Farmville. You may have heard of it. Well, we are now on the brink of another revolutionary change in the gaming industry thanks to blockchain, and the team behind CropBytes are pioneering a farm game with the hopes of pushing the entire industry forward again.

    CropBytes: The Gameplay

    CropBytes is a virtual farming game where players can buy and sell land, buildings, animals, and more.

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    Crop Lands

    The first step to being a farmer is owning a farm. Crop Lands are plots of land that players can buy to (you guessed it), grow crops. Lands come in various shapes and sizes, and have the option of having a lake view or not. These factors in addition to supply and demand help determine the value of the land you wish to purchase.

    One of the unique features that we haven’t seen before is a feature called real-time climate. each player will be exposed to real-time climate conditions based on the location of their farm on the game map. This will add extra variables when managing crops, animals, and their land.


    Once you’ve got your land, it’s time to start growing crops. Currently, players have the choice of growing Corn, Blueberries, or Carrots. Each take a different amount of time before they are ready to harvest. An added factor is that each farm also gets a limited supply of water every day, which can be used to water your crops, or stored in a tank.

    Crops are an important piece, as they are needed to feed your farm animals, or sold on the market. This is where we start seeing a flourishing marketplace take shape.

    Animals & Breeding

    Next up, we have animals. An essential staple of any successful farm is owning animals. Players have the chance to own all your standard farming animals, like goats, cows, hens, horses, and much more. You can also breed animals together to discover new and rare animals. Each time you breed successfully, you get a random amount of TRX and the new animal which will be a mix between their parents.



    There are plans in the future to conduct events, such as horse racing. Players can put their prized thoroughbreds in a race against other players. This as a really cool way of getting players to interact and show off their animals.

    Super Heroes

    Super heroes are a cute little rabbits with magical powers available to help you in different way with your farm. Initially, super heroes will be limited in quantity, but can be bred together to create more.


    CropBytes: The Marketplace

    We’ve read about so many blockchain games integrating with Ethereum. But the team behind CropBytes has chosen a different path by integrating with the Tron Network. This makes it a very unique blockchain game.

    There are also some interesting marketplace mechanics built into the game. Players have the ability to visit each others’ farms to chat and make deals. This brings in an interesting social aspect to the experience of buying and selling that we haven’t seen a lot.

    And of course, since it’s integrated with the Tron Network, players will use TRX to engage with the games marketplace.


    CropBytes just wrapped up its presale on April 28th raising 1.3 million Tron. The team is hard at work bringing the a well loved archetype to the blockchain. Farming is a great fit for this market, and CropBytes is a game to keep an eye on as things progress.

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