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    Cryptocurrency: BTC / XCP

    Status: Live

    Augmentors: Crypto Games List

    Are you ready to experience Augmented Reality on blockchain? Augmentors is one of the first games to bring crypto gaming and Augmented Reality to players. Augmentors is a mobile game that allows players to summon, trade, and battle digital creatures.

    Augmentors: Gameplay

    Augmentors is basically a battle game that involves the use of augmented reality creatures that go head to head in battle. It is built on the Bitcoin blockchain and was initially developed by two South African game developers; Kyle Haffenden and Michael Joubert.

    Players start off the game with a free unique creature that they can train to become stronger in battle. The more battles you win, the higher the level the creature will attain. All creatures start off as rookies, after which they can progress to champion, ultimate, and hero/villain levels. Over time, you can eventually achieve the highest level, the “god title”. However, you have to defeat an existing god creature to attain this level.

    When the game was initially launched in late 2017, there were 25 unique and rare creatures available to choose from. These Gen 0 creatures can now be bought from the marketplace. Each creature in Augmentors has its own unique abilities and spells, giving each a unique competitive advantage in battle.

    New elements of gameplay are being consistently added to the game, including new spells for creatures, and new collectible items for players.

    The Datasphere

    To add an even more unique and interactive twist to the game, Augmentors released a new virtual environment called the Datasphere. This new virtual world consists of creatures that are at war and ready to take down the world as we know it.

    Players have a chance to be the hero that saves this virtual world from eminent disaster. But before you can participate, you have to accumulate knowledge about this new world in order to gain the skills to become successful.

    Augmentors: Cryptocurrency

    Augmentors uses special tokens called Databits, which are built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Databits can be used to purchase creatures, in-game collectibles, and skins. They can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. Databits are tied to the value of in-game tokens called Databit tethers ($DTBT). It is these Databit Tethers that can be used to purchase various in-game elements.

    At the time of crowdfunding, one Bitcoin was worth 15,000 Databits. It is interesting that the initial token sale raised $1 million during the 30-day period that the offer took place (February 2017).

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