Crypto Games Conference 2018 – May 11 – Kiev, Ukraine

crypto games conference

As the fledgling crypto games market evolves and grows, we will start to see a more global community presence emerge. One of the exciting ways to strengthen the crypto games community, is to attend conferences. The Crypto Games Conference in Kiev is the first international conference dedicated completely to Crypto Games and the development teams who are pioneering in that space. They are building a roster of speakers that include many industry leaders from across the globe. Attendees will no doubt have a chance to participate in rich knowledge sharing and discussion about this exciting new trend in games.

We were able to catch up this week with Andriy Sharanevych who is one of the co-organizers of the conference.

Can you tell me a bit of background about your team? What inspired you to start the crypto games conference?

My name is Andriy Sharanevych; I am co-organizer of the Crypto Games Conference ( The team behind the event has an extensive background in games development. I’m doing games for over 20 years, starting with Chasm: The Rift – the first FPS 3D shooter in ex-USSR – back in 1997. Since then I’ve participated in development of over 50 games across PC, consoles, web and mobile platforms. Eugene Lavrinenko, who is co-organizer of the conference, has over 9 years of game development experience. He is founder of the Cells Games, developer of over 15 different games and an active participant and speaker at games conferences. Our team includes Sasha Paleeva and Katerina Burbela, who organized Casual Connect and Games Gathering conferences. We come from different companies, but share the same vision. Last year we saw a significant increase of interest toward crypto games among developers and publishers. The niche is still in early infancy and reminds me of early gamedev days, when the space was not yet dominated by big guys sitting on huge marketing war chests, which makes it really exciting and brings a lot of opportunities for both indie developers and renowned studios alike. After hosting successful meetups and having a lot of talks and discussions about this unfolding market, we’ve decided to organize a first full scale event focused solely on blockchain and cryptocurrency-based gaming to bring together the community of like-minded people who are set to change the industry!

Tell me about how the vision for the conference in the long term.

We’re planning to host two events per year, beginning with a conference in Kyiv, Ukraine on May 11th. As the industry matures, we will do so as well, covering more topics, showcasing paradigm bending games and services. But most importantly, our goal is to build a vibrant community and assist all participants in evolving, making new partnerships, and ultimately helping this industry reaching new heights and becoming the next big thing!

Tell us about your upcoming event. Venue, location, speakers, etc…

The inaugural Crypto Games Conference will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine in Mercure Congress Centre, featuring 1200 square meters of lectures, panels, projects showcases and of course priceless mingling and networking with fellow crypto game developers. Although the event takes place in Eastern Europe, we’re bringing together delegates and speakers from all over the world, including Europe, North America and Asia. The speakers lineup is not fully finalized as of yet, with more names being added every day. Some of speakers are Gabby Dizon of, Shaban Shaame of EverdreamSoft, Sean Keith of BitGuild, Danila Plechkov of, among other crypto gamedev studios, who will share their knowledge, experience and cases. More announcements will be made in coming days, so stay tuned! As I mentioned previously, there are some speaker slots still vacant and we are looking to add great topics.

What are some of the projects out there that you find really exciting? Who are the players to watch?

New games are being announced every week, if not every day. Blockchain gaming is getting momentum, which is fantastic! I’m really looking forward to seeing games utilizing blockchain to bring unique experiences and value to players. It’s exciting to see the economic value the blockchain gaming already presents. As the industry matures, more innovation and new mechanics will be introduced enabling profound and multi-layered gameplay. I’m looking forward to take a look at CryptoFights, Parsec Frontiers, Chimaera, as well as many interesting infrastructure projects like and of course platforms to simplify the payment and registration procedures to make games more easily accessible to mass gamer.

What are some of the barriers / keys to success you see ahead for the crypto games industry?

The biggest barrier I see at the moment is the complexity of becoming the new player for mainstream audience. For people who are not tech savvy and who are new to cryptocurrencies (like my parents, for example) this is something of the scale and complexity of the string theory or something out of this world) The industry will explode once the crypto gaming experience becomes as simple and straighforward as mobile gaming experience it eventually become.

Any important announcements coming up you would like to share?

We’ll be announcing keynotes and more great speakers in coming days and weeks. The process is ongoing and we strive to add valuable content on daily basis. In fact, I love the crypto space because decisions are quick, and we see shining eyes and enthusiasm, which is now lacking in traditional gamedev; it’s like traveling 20 years back in time)


If you can carve out time, go support the incredibly innovative crypto games community at the Crypto Games Conference in Kiev, Ukraine. To learn more about the conference, download the CGC one pager here, or visit their website at:

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