Crypto Bit Games Halloween Special 2018 – Part 2


And we’re back with more spooky blockchain games fun! For those who missed part one of our Crypto Bit Games Halloween Special, check it out here. And now onto more cool Halloween stuff.

Axie Infinity

Our pals over at Axie Infinity have gone above and beyond this year with an awesome Halloween themed Axie battlefield!

axie infinity halloween


HyperDragons was #1 in DAUs for a number of weeks this month. And from Oct 29 – Nov 2, they are hosting a big Halloween event for players to participate in. You can collet candy, create special Halloween pumpkins, and win spooky halloween prizes.

HyperDragons halloween

You can find out more about the HyperDragons Halloween event here:


My Ether Pony HalloweenThe team behind MyEtherPony have created an adorable Halloween vampire pony. This pony is one of a kind, and only available during Halloween.

If you like ponies and halloween, then it seems you’re in luck this year!



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