Crypto Bit Games Halloween Special 2018 – Part 1


Halloween is almost upon us, and it’s time to get spooky. To celebrate Halloween this year, we connected with our FAVORITE blockchain game devs to release our very first Crypto Bit Games Halloween Special! If you’re a fan of Blockchain games AND Halloween, then you’re in luck because today, we’re covering the cool things and unique things that are going on for Halloween.

Chibi Fighters

First up is our pals at Chibi Fighters. They are hosting a spooky Halloween Auction where players can get 1 of 3 Pumpkinheads or the super exclusive Frankie.

Find out more about the Chibi Fighters Halloween Auction here:


CryptoBitGames and our friends at CoinDriods go back a long way! We’re especially excited to announce the CoinDroids Halloween event.

CoinDriods Halloween

Keep an eye on their official website for more info.


The team at have been an innovative force since they announced all those months ago. This Halloween, they are bringing players exclusive Halloween Hedgies, and it’s safe to say, they look amazing!

hedgies halloween

Check out Hedgies on OpenSea for a chance to get on of these spooky creatures.

There’s a lot going on this Halloween from some of our favorite blockchain games. So tune in for more spooky blockchain fun to come later this week.

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