Crypto Bit Awards: Winner of Best Concept 2018

Best Concept 2018

Just a few weeks ago, we wrapped up the 2018 CryptoBit Awards! While the market is still so new, there are so many talented teams putting it all on the line to help push things forward. At Crypto Bit Games, we felt it was definitely time to start recognizing the amazing innovation going on in the world of Blockchain Games.

All in all, there were 10 categories of awards. 6 of them focused on blockchain games, and the other 4 focused on blockchain platforms.

Best Concept

This category is an important one because it’s still very early in the market, and many games are still in development. We wanted to be able to recognize everyone who is pushing this industry forward.

runner up for Best Concept is…

cryptowars banner

Crypto Wars

Crypto Wars was one of the first blockchain game concepts that has tried to push the boundaries of what a blockchain game is. So far, thanks to the huge success of CryptoKitties, we typically associate blockchain games with breeding. But the big question on everyone’s minds is, can a blockchain game bring entertainment as well as value? And that’s the question we hope a game like Crypto Wars can answer.

and the winner is…..

axie infinity logo

Axie Infinity

In some ways, Axie Infinity could be the spiritual successor of CryptoKitties. Yes it’s a breeding game, but the development team are tackling many interesting problems that CryptoKitties has faced. The question these guys are exploring is, how do you create value through gameplay? On top of that, their art is undoubtedly adorable. Congrats to the Axie Infinity team on a well deserved win for Best Concept 2018!

cryptobit awards best concept

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