Chibi Fighters introduces The Hunt


It’s been a while since we wrote about Chibi Fighters. They were one of the first blockchain games I wrote about on Crypto Bit Games. Since then, they’ve been making steady progress with the game, adding features, striking partnerships, and most recently adding a new mode called “The Hunt”. It’s time we took another look at Chibi Fighters to learn more about this new mode.

The Hunt

Warriors! It is time to step up and defend the island. A band of marauding Orks have landed and are on their way to attack the city! In The Hunt, players are tasked with fighting off wave after wave of Orks. Its a 1v1 brawl where players are challenged to see how many waves they can defeat before being overwhelmed. There is a total of 75 waves where the last boss is a mean old Ork boss.

It is a grueling battle, but as long as you are wearing gear and good items you will have a fighting chance.

The Hunt rewards players with sweet, precious loot like coins, gems, consumables and unique items drop. The Ork Boss will drop a couple of gems and a mythic item guaranteed!

It’s great to see more and more gameplay being introduced into the blockchain games market. The Hunt is the latest announcement from Chibi Fighters that brings deadly battles and previous loot to players.

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