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Axie Infinity reveals new trailer

Checkout the latest trailer by our friends at Axie Infinity!

Waves announces blockchain game fund

waves blockchain game fund

The Waves Platform is a blockchain that launched in 2016. In the same way ETH is the currency of Ethereum, Waves is the currency of the Waves blockchain. The price of 1 Waves (as of today) is $1.88 USD, putting them at an impressive $188,327,334 USD market cap.

This week, the team at Waves announced a major step into the blockchain games market. They have officially announced a 1M $Waves blockchain games fund to inspire innovation, and drive the development of blockchain games on the Waves platform. At today’s rate, that’s $1.88M USD available to blockchain game developers.

Gods Unchained – New God Powers, imToken, and more

gods unchained

Fuel Games, the creators of Gods Unchained, announced some updates today to their Gods Unchained universe. Here’s a quick summary of the latest and greatest from Fuel Games.

Crypto Bit Games Halloween Special 2018 – Part 1


Halloween is almost upon us, and it’s time to get spooky. To celebrate Halloween this year, we connected with our FAVORITE blockchain game devs to release our very first Crypto Bit Games Halloween Special! If you’re a fan of Blockchain games AND Halloween, then you’re in luck because today, we’re covering the cool things and unique things that are going on for Halloween.

An Interview with Lordmancer II dev team

lordmancer 2

Lordmancer II is a high fidelity 3D mobile free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG that allows players to mine cryptocurrency and spend it both inside and outside of the game. The game is already launched on Android.

The team has successful raised $1m for the game through crowdfunding. We had a chance to interview them to learn more about their innovative game, their vision, and the road ahead.

State of Games on the Tron Network – Part 1


This week, we wanted to put a spotlight on the innovative projects being built on the Tron Network. Specifically, we’re going to give you guys a quick overview of the blockchain game initiative we’ve discovered that are integrating with Tron.

The blockchain games scene is still very small, and so far, the lions share of the market has been on Ethereum. But it is always good news when we start to see diversification. Recently, we’ve started to see more an more interesting projects pop up on the Tron Network. As a result, we felt it was time to talk about them!

Interview with CryptoMotors dev team

CryptoMotors is a blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain where players get to design and collect exotic cars. Players get to have a voice in the car design process, collect rare vehicles that are tokenized using the ERC-721 token standard, and prepare to race in a 3D VR experience where players can see their collections come to life.
We had a chance to connect with the folks behind CryptoMotors to learn more their team, their vision, and the road ahead.

Elemental Battles – a tutorial from Block One

elemental battles block one

EOS games are still few and far between. In an effort to inspire developers, Block.one has announced the release of Elemental Battles, a new toolkit that to help on-board the next generation of blockchain developers.

Chainbreakers joins Decentraland partner program

chainbreakers decentraland

This week, the folks at Qwellcode are partnering with the Decentraland partner program for their upcoming game Chainbreakers. We tried Googling “Decentraland partner program”, but couldn’t find any information on what it is, but we did learn a bit about Chainbreakers.

Nacho Men launches referral program

nachomen referral

Nacho Men is a blockchain game built on the NEO blockchain. In Nacho Men, players collect luchadors and train them for the ring!

This week, the team behind Nacho Men are launching a referral program for you to invite your friends.