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Bitcorn Battle – Built on the Bitcorns API

bitcorn battles

In the blockchain market, we’re constantly surrounded by innovation. But sometimes innovation can come from unexpected places. In this case, it came from good old faithful APIs.

Recently, the blockchain game Bitcorn Crops published an API for the game. It didn’t take very long for someone to pick it up and run with it. Introducing Bitcorn Battle, a game built using the APIs of a blockchain game.

In order to play the game, you must own a farm that you would have gotten from playing Bitcorn Crops. Once you have your farm, you can use it to battle other farms. The cards you collect in Bitcorn Crops get assigned a strength algorithmically, and then you attack another farm to see if you win or lose!

While I’m personally having a hard time visualizing how farms kick the crap out of each other, the idea is certainly an innovative one. And to all those innovative blockchain games space, don’t forget that sometimes bringing old paradigms into the new can result in cool outcomes. It definitely did in this case.


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WAX – from OPSkins to Worldwide Asset eXchange


A few short years ago, I was completely consumed by H1Z1. I spent hundreds of hours in that game with my friends. And just like any nerdy gamer, I wanted all the cool skins. Maybe it was a yearning to express my individuality; or maybe I just wanted to stand out among my friends. In actuality, I just wanted to wear spandex and a pig mask while running around shooting guns.

Kitties For A Cause

Kitties for a Cause

Bella is a CryptoKitties fan in the fourth grade who especially enjoys making new CryptoKitties and naming them. “One day while playing, I said we should give away some of our Kitties since we have so many of them,” Bella explains. “Dad asked who we should give them to. I told him kids in the hospital who are hurting.”

This inspired an initiative called Kitties for a Cause (K4C). K4C has been collecting Kitties donated to them by the wonderful CryptoKitties community. Donated Kitties are auctioned off with the proceeds going to help sick kids in need.

The initiative has had tremendous success already. 21.6 ETH ($15,052.91 USD) was raised for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Bella will be presenting the money to hospital staff on Friday, June 1st at 10:30am — and if you live in Seattle, you are welcome to stop by and give three cheers!

Read more about K4C and their amazing cause: Source

UnicornGo partners with EtherZero


UnicornGo combines blockchain, sweet art, and unicorns in a crypto game aimed at introducing players to the potential of blockchain technology. Players can buy and sell unicorns in the marketplace, cross-breed them with other unicorns, buy land plots, grow trees that bring CANDY — the main in-game currency, and also equip dwellings for their pets.

Today, they officially announced a partnership with EtherZero. EtherZero is a new generation smart contract development platform. It is a hard forked project based on the Ethereum platform. The network layer of EtherZero consists of a 2 level network; a masternode network and a traditional proof of work network. The masternode network is responsible for transaction verification, and the proof of work network is for block packing and synchronization.

The goal of this partnership is to ensure the best scalability for UnicornGo, high transaction speed and user asset security.

You can learn more on Medium @ Source

Flashback to GDC 2018

Blockchain games haven’t been around for long, but already so much has happened in the industry. I stumbled upon this cool little video of some interesting conversations about the market at GDC back in March of this year. There wasn’t a huge blockchain presence at GDC, but you’ll see a few familiar faces.

Why people are buying cartoon cats on the blockchain

Axiom Zen is the team that started an entire movement around blockchain and games with the extremely viral CryptoKitties. Fans have spent more than $23 million buying, bredding, and selling cartoon cats.

It introduced the idea of true digital asset ownership. And it was all made possible thanks to Blockchain technology.

Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines. The folks at Vox.com have taken a crack at explaining why CryptoKitties had such a huge impact and turned into what it is today.

CryptoPets – a turn-based blockchain battling game

The blockchain game space is incredibly. We’ve seen so many interesting concepts. The one thing that I hear time and time again from players is that they all want a game that goes beyond the concept of collectibles and gives us something to play.
The team at CryptoPets has done exactly that. Their version 1.0 is coming to mainnet, and features a turn-based strategy game for battling CryptoPets, with up to 3 v 3 CryptoPets on either side.

Nominations are open for the 1st ever CryptoBit Awards!

cryptobit awards

Nominations are Open!

CryptoBit Games is hosting our 1st EVER CryptoBit Awards. There’s so much exciting and innovative stuff happening in the industry, we thought it was a good time to recognize some of the best!

Blockchain Heroes: Ubisoft is hosting a blockchain hackathon

blockchain heroes

Ubisoft is the team that has brought us some of the world’s most prolific video games, such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Prince of Persia, and many many many more. If you haven’t played a Ubisoft game, then you haven’t earned the right to call yourself a gamer.

This week, Ubisoft has announced an exciting new blockchain event. From June 29th – July 1st, they will be hosting Blockchain Hereos: a blockchain hackathon!

DMarket – turning virtual items into real assets


The idea of buying and selling in-game items is a familiar concept to mainstream gamers. Thanks to games like PUBG, gamers have become accustomed to finding items in-game that they can then sell for profit on the marketplace. Websites like skins.cash have stepped in to help facilitate transactions between players and help the market grow.

But it isn’t an easy market to do business in. There are some inherent challenges in the space such as fraud. It is estimated that some 80,000 transactions per month are fraudulent. That can be a scary thing for the average player.

This is where DMarket comes in. Blockchain technology is the perfect tool for solving many of the problems we see in digital asset marketplaces, including fraud. DMarket is actively transforming the space into a blockchain driven digital asset economy where players can buy and sell their favorite in-game items with the security and protection of blockchain.