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CryptoFights Presale is Live!

cryptofights presale

CryptoFights has officially launched their long awaited presale. This is your chance to secure some CryptoFights weapons, limited-edition loot, and — for the first time ever — Legendary Armor!

Fortnite Merch store accepts Monero

monero fortnite

It’s officially 2019, and we’re out of the gates with some incredible news for the Crypto community. The Fortnite Merch store is officially accepting Monero (XMR) as a cryptocurrency payment option.


exoplanets giveaway

First of all, welcome to 2019 everyone! 2018 was a wild an amazing year for blockchain games, and we at CBG are excited for all the innovation still to come in 2019.

To kick the year off, we’ve teamed up with the good folks at EXOPLANETS to host an exciting giveaway!

Atari to release 2 blockchain games

animoca atari

For those of you who are true gamers, you will associate the brand Atari with many amazing childhood gaming memories. And if you’re a blockchain fan, then you will be happy to hear that Atari is planning to release blockchain versions of two popular mobile games.

Everdragons builds bridge into TRON

everdragons tron

The team at Everdragons are blazing new trails by being one of the first blockchain games to go multi-chain. They have successfully integrated their blockchain game with ETH, POA, and now TRON.

Mythical Games breaks records with Blankos Block Party

blankos block party

Back in November Mythical Games announced a whopping $16M series A with Galaxy Digital leading the round. Then 2 weeks later, they dropped a trailer for their first blockchain game: Blankos Block Party. Their trailer aired on national TV as part of the Gamers Choice Awards to millions of gamers.

TRON Arcade and their $100M game fund

tron arcade

This news is several weeks old, but worth mentioning for a number of reasons. In 2017 we  saw the birth of Blockchain Games thanks to the extremely innovative CryptoKitties team. In 2018, we saw the market take off thanks to MANY innovative teams who jumped in to help push things forward.

All of this was built on Ethereum which has done amazing things in terms of showing the world what’s possible with blockchain. As we head into 2019, we are now seeing other blockchain protocols join the fray. New protocols like TRON, EOS, and WAVES are approaching the same problems in different ways, and hoping to help push this fledgeling market even further.

Blockchain Cuties integrates with Tron

blockchain cuties tron

There has been an interesting and significant shift in the market recently. More and more games are going multi-blockchain. What does that mean? Simply put, a multi-chain blockchain game is a game that runs on more than 1 blockchain protocol.

Blockchain Cuties was one of the first multi-chain blockchain games when it integrated with EOS a few months ago. Players were able to purchase both EOS and ETH tokenized assets.

Axie Infinity announces Terrarium presale!

Axie Infinity have been the rockstars of the blockchain game community. They are pushing the boundaries of what blockchain games are, and it’s safe to say, we’re all fans.

This week, we’re excited to share with you all the latest announcement from Axie Infinity team. Starting January 7th, 2019, Axie Infinity will be launching their Terrarium presale! What a great way to celebrate the new year.

CryptoWars announces epic tournament


This week, the folks at CryptoWars announced the launch of an EPIC tournament with a prize pool of $2,500!

Even though it’s still on alpha, the team couldn’t wait to share their work with the community. The prize will be split among the 5 best players who will each get $1000, $700, $500, $200 & $100 accordingly, for a total of $2,500 in prizes!