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Blockchain Games Presale Calendar is Live!

blockchain games presale calendar

Presales have become a staple in the blockchain games market. Many of the games (like Gods Unchained) have risen to fame as a result of their successful presales. Presales are a unique paradigm made possible thanks to blockchain games. Because in game items and assets can be tokenized, it means developers can pre-sell them while they are building the game. It’s an awesome opportunity to for developers to raise some funds and engage with the community; and it’s also a great opportunity for fans to own a piece of the game that could be worth more down the road.

Token Standards and the new ERC721x

The ERC standard roster has been heating up over the past few months. New ideas and innovations have hit the market from the many talented teams trying to help move the space forward. The most recent of these is the ERC721x token standard introduced by the folks at Loom Network. Before we dive into ERC721x, let’s take a look at the current landscape.

token landscape

ERC721 is the now infamous standard made famous by CryptoKitties. It provides a standard for non-fungible token creation on the Ethereum blockchain. Each ERC721 token in theory is 100% unique from the next. This means that users who own an ERC721 tokenized asset, are owners of a one of a kind asset.

ERC20 is the baseline standard for the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike ERC721, ERC20 tokens can have duplicates. This is the standard that allows developers to create a limit run of any digital in-game item. For example, if you have 100 common swords in your game, you would tokenize them using the ERC20 standard.

ERC1155 was created by the Enjin team and is the first attempt at allowing bulk management of ERC20 and ERC721. This was an important step forward for the market because gas fees on Ethereum become quickly prohibitive when dealing with large volumes of tokenized assets. ERC1155 attempts to address that issue by allowing devs to facilitate multi-token trades.

ERC1178 is slightly less known than ERC1155, but essentially attempts to accomplish the same outcome using fungible tokens with less complexity. Developers have said that ERC1178 is extremely easy to use due to its similarities to the ERC20 standard.


The latest entry into the ERC standards arena is ERC721x. The goal of ERC721x as I understand it is very similar to ERC1155 in that it allows for multi-token transfers of ERC20 and ERC721 tokenized crypto collectibles. Again, the benefit here is being able to transfer tokens in bulk on a single smart contract saving in gas fees. The added bonus with ERC721x is that it’s touted as being backwards compatible with ERC721 and thus benefits from all the infrastructure support ERC721 gets. For example, if a wallet supports ERC721 tokenized crypto collectibles, then in theory it should automatically ERC721x.

The ERC standards have been a critical piece in standardizing a very new and uncharted market. Without these kind of standardizations, developers would have to create everything from scratch, making development unnecessarily complex. As the market continues to gain traction, we can expect many more standards ahead. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that there’s a lot still to figure out.

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1 million CryptoKitties minted!

cryptokitties 1M

It’s been almost a year since CryptoKitties first launched back in October 2017. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff and talented teams emerge in their wake. CryptoKitties is largely considered the game that spawned the blockchain games movement. And 289 days after they launched, they are celebrating a big milestone. On September 12, 2018, they celebrated the birth of their 1,000,000th Kitty!


Celebrating the birth of Vulcat.

And if that wasn’t enough, the CryptoKitties team has a few other milestones to celebrate:

  • Since November 2017, more than 340,000 Kitties have been sold, resulting in more than US $25 million being exchanged on the platform.
  • More than 100 Kitties have sold for at least US $10,000, with one cat, the now fabled Kitty #127, fetching more than US $140,000 at a charity auction in New York. Proceeds from that sale went to a foundation supporting art on the blockchain.
  • In their community Discord, they’ve averaged about 1,000 daily messages, with some recent days seeing nearly six times that volume. At its busiest late last year, more than 10,000 messages were written in our Discord in just one day.

While the market is still small, we can all still appreciate the accomplishments the team behind CryptoKitties has made. All of this is helping the market gain traction, get attention, and grow; which is good for everyone. We at Crypto Bit Games look forward to the next year of accomplishments from CryptoKitties and hopefully many other innovative and exciting blockchain game projects.

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Chibi Fighters introduces The Hunt


It’s been a while since we wrote about Chibi Fighters. They were one of the first blockchain games I wrote about on Crypto Bit Games. Since then, they’ve been making steady progress with the game, adding features, striking partnerships, and most recently adding a new mode called “The Hunt”. It’s time we took another look at Chibi Fighters to learn more about this new mode.

Interview with 9Lives Arena!

9lives arena

9Lives Arena is an RPG game with a focus on 1v1 fantasy PVP. They’ve made headlines previously by being one of the first blockchain games to boast high fidelity 3D graphics, as well as positioning themselves in a strategic partnership with Enjin. The game of course is built on Ethereum, and they’re back again in the headlines this week with the official announcement of their Kickstarter campaign! If you’ve spent any time on Telegram then you’ve probably heard of 9Lives Arena, and you will have no doubt seen the Ooogies!

We had the honor of connecting with the Canadian team behind 9Lives Arena to learn more about them, their game, and their future!

40,000 Crypto Collectibles Giveaway at Dodger Stadium

mlb crypto bobblehead night

Lucid Sight are back in the headlines once again! It seems every time we hear from them, they’ve got something bigger and better for us; and this time it’s bigger than you could imagine.

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced last week, on their OFFICIAL twitter account, that there will be a crypto collectible giveaway AT Dodger’s stadium on September 21st!


Yeh….Lucid Sight, in partnership with the LA Dodgers will be giving out crypto collectibles to 40,000 fans in attendance; collectibles that can be added directly to their Ethereum wallets!

The event is called Digital Booblehead Night which will be hosted on September 21st at Dodger’s Stadium. It’s the first ever event of its kind, and a massive step forward for blockchain games. For the first time ever, crypto collectibles will be in the mainstream eye at one of the biggest events in the country. While I’m sure there will be a few people asking “a crypto what now?”, it’s clear that events like this will only help our cause in legitimizing the market and growing the player base.

Once again, Lucid Sight hits a home run (pun intended) with another mega announcement for crypto games. Bring it on!

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IMGA launches blockchain game awards and summit

imga blockchain

The International Mobile Games Awards have been a staple in the mobile industry for many years. So it’s exciting to hear that they are launching their first blockchain game awards along with a blockchain games summit.

The competition is currently live. If you’re interested in participating, you can submit your game by simply sending a link to [email protected], with information about your team and a short description of the game.

“Games represent an important business for blockchain.” Added Joony Koo, partner at Block Crafters Inc., and Chairman of the Blockchain Games Jury. “I look forward to seeing games that are innovative around Blockchain. Games that clearly utilize Blockchain and cryptocurrency as a drive for innovation.”

“We are excited to have the International Mobile Game Awards this year as part of our annual GameFest in Manila. This shows the growing influence of the Philippines in the global game industry. We are happy to honor the best games made in Southeast Asia, and host the inaugural Blockchain Game Awards as well”, says Gabby Dizon, co-founder and Chairman of Alto.io.

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Apple Forces Coinbase Wallet to Remove Crypto Collectibles


One of the hot topics in the blockchain games market has been about where the mainstream game channels stand with regards to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and especially blockchain games.

While we hadn’t had a definitive ruling from either Apple or Google, it was clear that they weren’t particularly friendly towards the blockchain world. And then finally, this week, we had a pretty definitive move from Apple who forced Coinbase Wallet to remove Crypto Collectibles.

It all started when Coinbase and War Riders teamed up to integrate NFT Crypto Collectibles into Coinbase’s Wallet. It was a big step for a community who were holding their breath to see what Apple would do.

Well, as we’ve seen in the past, Apple has flexed it’s walled garden to shut it down. This is nothing new for Apple, and I’m sure no one is really surprised. It’s very remeniscent of when Apple decided to ban the Kindle app all those years ago.

It may sound strange, but this is in fact a good step in the long run. Companies like Apple are usually a bit slow to establish an approach when new paradigms emerge. Their usual approach is to block it while they figure out what their policies are. And here we are witnessing it in action.

While in the short term, it’s going to cause some ripples, we know that Apple is most certainly paying attention, and it’s just a matter of time before they figure out their plan. How that will actually play out is yet to be seen. And for Apple’s sake, I hope they get it right.

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8 Circuit Studios announces Project Genesis

8 Circuit Studios has been in the crypto games space for several months now. They first caught our attention with the announcement of their crypto mobile game, Alien Arsenal. At the time we wrote the article, they had a mysterious space-themed crypto game in the works. And this week, they finally pulled back the curtain to give us a first look at their latest blockchain game in the making.

Project Genesis is a deep space survival game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game combines intense first-person shooter gameplay with space combat. In Project Genesis, players pilot massive spacecrafts to take on enemy ships in the pursuit of galactic domination. The game is set within a persistent universe that’s part of 8 Circuit Studios’ growing ecosystem based on the concept of the Metaverse — a series of interconnected virtual worlds and experiences without boundaries.

In Project Genesis, players are sent on quests out into the stars to pilot space cruisers and battle enemies with advanced technologies. The goal is to keep your ship alive in an effort to board enemy ships.

Once aboard the enemy ship, players will enter a first-person perspective to infiltrate and destroy enemy forces.

In addition to Project Genesis, 8 Circuit Studios will launch a digital token sale for their 8BT tokens, on October 1. 8BT is the currency that will power 8 Circuit Studios’ digital Multiverse.

The team at 8 Circuit Studios bring game development experience to blockchain from companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Disney. Hopefully we get to see a lot more from them ahead.

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Neon District drops their first trailer

Neon District is one sexy looking game. They won our Crypto Bit Award this year for Best Art, and today, they dropped an equally sexy trailer.

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