Blockchain – it’s not all fun and games


We have spent the last several months celebrating innovation and success. It’s been amazing seeing all the inspiring games and ideas people are developing around the world. However, in the world of blockchain, it’s not all fun and games. There is a laundry list of those that didn’t make it, those who tried and failed.

Today, we remember our fallen comrades. As we forge this new market, there will be winners, and sadly, there will be losers. And while it’s exciting to jump on every new and exciting blockchain game that hits the market, a word of warning to all, be careful with your ETH. Not all of them will make it.

☠ = Game has been taken down or the developer exit scammed

💩 = Game contract has been inactive for over a month

💀 EtherChan EtherTanks clone which received minimal activity. Site has been taken down

💩 EtherRacing EtherTanks clone where developer has become inactive.

💩 EtherSpace
EtherTanks clone, dev/contract inactive

💩 EtherArmy (formerly EtherTanks) Ponzi game with initial promise of battle/trades. Develop occasionally claims they are still pursuing the game, but players are skeptical and contract is inactive.

💩 Subprime Crypto After a rocky start, dev decided not to pursue a future with game and contract has went inactive

💀 World Cup Ether Developer exit scammed with a unverified contract that took players eth, then took the site down

💀 CryptoAllstars Hot potato game which was bought by some internet vigilante just to close it down

💀 CryptoMovies Developer designed a promotion but ended up not paying and deleting discord

💀 Eth King Developer segfault exit scammed by changing the front end to switch values and steal eth

💩 EthBabes/CryptoPussies Developers appear to have given up on this game and contract is inactive

💩 EtherRock A virtual pet rock game which has become inactive

💩 Prey4Prey A chance game that has become inactive

💩 Battle Crypto Rocky start, has become inactive

💩 CryptoTitties Boob collecting game which has become inactive

💩 CryptoMons Digital card game with no signs of further development

💩 EtherRacing Ponzi game that has become inactive

💩 Own a Number Inactive number owning game

💩 Ether Rockets A rocket mission game. Front end is now getting JSON errors and contract has become inactive

💀 Ether Warfare Site appears to have been taken down

💩 Beegame Site appears to not acknowledge metamask and no signs of development

💩 Ether Map Map game with no signs of development or activity

💩 CryptoBowl Game to bet on the superbowl. Contract didnt fully work as designed and the superbowl has passed.

💀 Soulecule Site has been taken down

💩 CryptoPorn Pornstar hot potato which has become inactive

💩 EtherEmojis Inactive emojis hot potato game

💩 YYStars Inactive chinese celebs clone

💩 CryptoColors Inactive colors hot potato

💩 EtherAnimals Inactive hot potato

💩 Emoji Blockchain Inactive hot potato

💩 EtherSpace Inactive hot potato

💩 EtherColors Inactive hot potato, possible associated with an exit scammer

💩 EtherCode Inactive hot potato

💩 EtherGems Inactive hot potato

💀 CryptoT Developer exit scammed and took site down

💀 Tokenswar Site has been taken down

💩 CryptoRaces Inactive racing game

💩 CryptoSanta Inactive santa gift game

💩 CryptoTulip Inactive tulip game

💩 Galleass Inactive sailing game

💩 HunterCoin Inactive coin mining game

💩 CryptoDungeons A nonfunctioning rpg game

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