Blockchain Games Presale Calendar is Live!

blockchain games presale calendar

Presales have become a staple in the blockchain games market. Many of the games (like Gods Unchained) have risen to fame as a result of their successful presales. Presales are a unique paradigm made possible thanks to blockchain games. Because in game items and assets can be tokenized, it means developers can pre-sell them while they are building the game. It’s an awesome opportunity to for developers to raise some funds and engage with the community; and it’s also a great opportunity for fans to own a piece of the game that could be worth more down the road.

One thing we’ve noticed at Crypto Bit Games, is that it’s quite hard to keep track of all the presales going on. Who’s having a presale? When does it start? Did I miss it?

These are the questions we hope to answer by launching our very own Blockchain Games Presale Calendar. We will keep track of all the presales out there so you don’t have to. Just stop by and checkout our calendar on a regular basis to see if your favorite blockchain games are having presales.

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Presale Calendar