Blockchain Gamer Connects: Ticket Giveaway!

Blockchain Gamer Connects

We are giving away 10 Free Tickets!

We are but 2 short weeks away from one of the most prolific blockchain game conferences the world has ever seen. Blockchain Gamer Connects is coming to a San Francisco near you on May 14 + 15. But, there’s one catch: you need a ticket to attend, and lucky for you, we’ve got 10 to give away free!

With this ticket, you’ll have full access to both days of the conference and witness this monumental moment in history. Watch and learn from some of the pioneers in this new market, and rub shoulders with hundreds more.

Entering is extremely simple. Fill out the form below, answer the question, and submit your application.

We will pick 10 lucky winners on May 7th!

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