Blockchain Cuties integrates with Tron

blockchain cuties tron

There has been an interesting and significant shift in the market recently. More and more games are going multi-blockchain. What does that mean? Simply put, a multi-chain blockchain game is a game that runs on more than 1 blockchain protocol.

Blockchain Cuties was one of the first multi-chain blockchain games when it integrated with EOS a few months ago. Players were able to purchase both EOS and ETH tokenized assets.

Well this week, they are continuing to forge new ground by integrating with TRON. For those who have been watching the market, TRON has been pushing it’s way into the blockchain games market with the help of a massive $100M game fund. This has obviously caught the attention of many developers, including the team at Blockchain Cuties.

With multi-chain integration, players can now purchase tokenized blockchain cuties on EOS, ETH, and TRON. The primary benefit to this is that it opens up to new users, and allows players and fans from all 3 blockchains to play your game.

It is very early days in the multi-chain world, but it is without question a fascinating one. We’ll certainly be watching it closely as things progress.

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