Bitizens – welcome to Bitropolis


Bitizens is the latest announcement from blockchain platform developer, BitGuild. At it’s core, Bitizen is a 3D avatar system that integrates with BitGuild and allows players to have a visual identity in their games. Bitizens are highly customizable 3D avatars; players can change facial features, as well as clothing and accessories.

This 3D avatar customization system gives players control over creating their own identity within the world of Bitizens. Once a player has created their custom Bitizen, they will be able to journey over to Bitropolis, the main hub of Bitizens.

After arriving at Bitropolis, players will be able to participate in all kinds of activities on the BitGuild platform, including first and third party games, events, social hangout spots, and more!

Bitizens: Preview Release includes:

  • 3D avatar creator – Players can fully customize their 3D avatar’s facial features, structure, hairstyle, eyes, and more.
  • Outfit customization – Players can select from a wide range of clothes to create a unique online identity.

Bitizens: Roadmap:

  • Wardrobe
    • Players will get access to a huge amount of clothing items, plus ICO and Bitizens pre-sale items.
  • Mining
    • Players will be able to earn unique clothing item tokens that they can wear, traded, or sold.
  • Bitropolis
    • As the hub of Bitizens, Bitropolis is where all the action will happen. Players can meet other players, play first and third party games, and participate in activities hosted on the BitGuild platform.

Bitizens: pre-sale:

For a limited time, registered BitGuild users can get some special limited run items. For more information on the rare items available, visit the Bitizens official website.

For more information on Bitizens, you can connect with them directly on Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. For the latest news on Bitizens, visit the Bitizens official blog on Medium.

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