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Beyond the Void is a Crypto Game that focuses first on providing a rich and engaging game experience. In the world of Crypto Games, we’ve seen a lot of games focused purely on the collectible mechanic. In fact, in many cases, the only thing you can do is collect. Beyond the Void is showing us that real games can make waves in this emerging market.

Beyond the Void is a MOBA style PVP 3D space battle game with elements of RTS mechanics woven in. Unlike many Crypto Games out there that are still in development, Beyond the Void is playable right now and available for download on Steam.

We had a chance to connect with the innovative team behind the game and learn all about the exciting stuff they’re working on including a Blockchain Games Summit planned for October 2018.

Can you tell me a bit of background about your team? What inspired you to get into blockchain / crypto games?

B2Expand is a family company based on two backgrounds: Blockchain and Gaming. Maxence Burgel – current Concept Artist in Beyond the Void game (BtV) – has build games for 10 years before BtV. His brother, Eric Burgel – current CEO of B2Expand – is a veteran developer from the dawn of computing and a new technology enthusiast, especially interested in blockchain technologies. Together they schemed the funding of BtV based on a belief: “Bringing back true ownership of items to players”. Rémi and Manon Burgel, Eric’s children, joined the team to launch the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in November 2016. Rémi works on Ethereum Smart-Contract and Manon on Communication.

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Now we are a team of 15 people from the crypto or video game industry. We share our vision to reinvent our industry thanks to blockchain technologies through Game Design, Business Model, Distribution, Production, … There is so much to do!

​​​Tell me about how the vision for Beyond the Void came about. What inspired you to make a game like this?

The original draft was an Ogame like game with 3D fights. We kept the 3D fights and the sci-fi universe from this draft to build a mix from two of our favorite types of games MOBA and RTS. We were seduced by the idea of a 1v1 MOBA with spaceships battles. For a small production 1v1 is easier to manage than the traditional 5v5 MOBA, and with a sci-fi universe we target a very specific and committed public.

The MOBA business model suits well what Ethereum blockchain technology offers: all in-game items are truly owned by the players, they can buy, sell and even destroy them. The vision of Beyond the Void is to create a cross-gaming based universe that gathers several games all linked together. We started with our partner Everdreamsoft with cross-gaming assets (if you own a Crystalibur ship in BtV, you also own an Amaranthe card in the game “Spells of Genesis”).

Beyond the Void is only the beginning, more games will come into this cross-gaming environment thanks to the development of Ethereum technologies.

What is the basic gameplay, story, and marketplace of Beyond the Void? How does the game work?

MOBA comes from a mod of Warcraft III. By nature, MOBA  and RTS are linked. Beyond the Void strengthen this link in an epic space battle universe. This game is a unique combination of strategy, action, and competition in 1 versus 1. The player enters a science-fiction universe and experience the thrill of being a mercenary Captain!

Your main goal is to reach your enemy’s home planet before he reaches yours, and destroy it to win the battle!

You can choose one ship with its own passive and active skills, which are completed with abilities chosen during each draft before the battle. The Battle Points earned after each battle unlock new abilities for further conquests.

When you are ready for battle your first step is to develop your economy strategy based on Ambrosium. This resource is essential to forge a strong army and boost your spaceship characteristics. In Beyond the Void, the minions are more important than in any other moba. They are at the core of your strategy, from defense to attack.

The confrontation is on one unique lane dotted with war towers defending your home planet from invasion. It is vital to develop your army and spaceship experience through the development of technologies. To do so, build rings on your home planet and set its planetary strategy. Colonize neutral planets terraformed during the game to build additional rings. The planet strategies and technologies management are essential to develop sufficient power to push the lane. But be careful, as the time runs the planets continue their revolution. Your planets will be hard to defend once near your opponent base.


You can build two rings among three kinds per planet. Then choose a strategy for your planet. Each combination of two rings unlocks a special skill during the game that will consume Ambrosium. The planetary strategy is part of the March 28 update, with strategy paths available for each planet: economic, combat, and defense:

  • The combat strategy gives you the opportunity to call upon new military ships on the lane
  • The economic strategy allows a better exploitation of Ambrosium to increase your resources
  • The defense strategy protects your planet with a shield

Depending on the ring built on your planet your planetary strategy will have different impacts. For example, your mother planet is turned on combat strategy with a military ring, then you’ll be able to call upon a sniper ship. Whereas if you have the same strategy but with an industrial ring, you’ll get a mercenary ship. And with the engineering ring you’ll get a sentinel. Be aware that each change in strategy has a cooldown. Your decisions have a decisive impact on the battle.

In addition, quests appear throughout the game and allow you to win Ambrosium or win buffs increasing the ship’s power or escort units.

beyond the void screenMARKETPLACE

Beyond the Void is a free to play game. We sell blockchain based cosmetic in-game items in our decentralized store. Everything in the store can be bought with our Nexium token created during the ICO.

All items are ERC20 tokens. That means that you are the full owner of your items. And there all are in limited edition! As the owner of your item you also have the opportunity to sell it on the Black Market if it doesn’t suit you anymore. The items are also usable in several games inside the Nexarium, our cross-gaming ecosystem.

The Nexarium is an ecosystem powered by blockchain, for gamers and developers. There you’ll find

  • all the games developed and/or published by B2Expand,
  • a decentralized shop gathering all in-game items from the Nexarium games,
  • Ethereum tools for developers.

What are some of the barriers you see ahead for your project and Crypto Games in general?

For the business model, the main barrier is the cryptocurrency accessibility. Today, for a non-crypto enthusiast player it’s not easy to buy Nexium or other tokens. The blockchain technology is still quite recent, but now that several actors are using it, we see more and more projects and tools developed on Ethereum blockchain. I’m sure this accessibility barrier is going to break in the next few months.

For Production, the developers need specific Ethereum tools to build their unity games on the blockchain. Most of the time they have to develop those tools by themselves because they do not exist yet. This increases the production time and complexity.

For Game Designers, Blockchain is like learning your job again.

  • When you write something on a blockchain you need to pay a fee to the miners to mine your transaction. So you need to limit the amount of input from your player.
  • If you want to reward your player you have to write on the blockchain that he earns something, which means that you have to pay for it. You cannot give easy reward as in any other games.
  • The code inside a smart contract is stored forever in the Ethereum blockchain and is visible to everybody. Every update is more difficult to do and you cannot hide anything from the players.
  • This is quite difficult to create randomness on a smart contract, so most of your mechanisms must be deterministic.
  • Those barriers force us to build different kind of games, we think this is a good way to innovate.

What plans do you have for the future for your team and your project? Any announcements coming up?

B2Expand company aims to develop more games, more Dapp, and more ETH tools.

  • Beyond the Void game release date is going to be announced very soon, after the important March 28th update, bringing back online tournaments to the community.
  • We’ve recruited a new senior game designer to work on the development of a new game – still in the space universe – with a gameplay entirely based on the Ethereum blockchain. This new game is our next step to bring the blockchain technologies to gaming to enhance the player experience and the developer innovation. We’ll update you in due time about the release of this new game entering the Nexarium ecosystem.

B2Expand is organizing the first edition of the Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon in France on October 2018. This international event aims to gather Blockchain experts, Game developers, and Blockchain Game developers in one place to share their experience and innovate together.

Any key dates or milestones coming up that you would like to share?

Beyond the void:

  • March 28th, 2018: Patch 0.5.0 : gameplay complete and UI renewed
  • April 14-15th,  2018: Online tournament with the US and Europe communities
  • Summer 2018: Official game release

B2Expand Blockchain and Gaming event:

  • October 2018: Blockchain Game Summit


Blockchain Game Summit

Beyond the Void

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