Axie Infinity launches it’s battle system


Axie Infinity has been getting a lot of buzz this year. We were at Blockchain Gamer Connects San Francisco when they won the pitch contest. They also won the Crypto Bit Award for Best Game Concept back in June. It goes without saying that we’ve been excited to see them roll out their highly anticipated blockchain game.

Today the Axie Infinity reached a major milestone in their development. They have officially announced their Axies Battle System. The Battle System allows players to face off against each other in 3v3 PvP battles which improve their Axies.

This is the next big evolution in the blockchain game market. Up until now, the market has been defined by breeding games that have no gameplay. From the minute I met the Axie Infinity team, they were always passionate about the vision to give players something fun to do with their crypto collectibles. And sure enough, by launching the Battle System, they have executed on that exact vision.

The Battle System is officially live on mainnet, and all battles are off-chain which means no gas fees! Incredible.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of our battle system on Ethereum mainnet. Players can now face off in vividly-animated 3 v 3 battles and improve their Axies. This is an important step for our game and the non fungible token space(NFT), as we believe Axies are the first example of an NFT that can be improved when players sink in their time and effort.”, says Trung Nyugen, CEO.

You can learn much more about the Axie Infinity Battle System here: Source

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