Axie Infinity announces their closed Beta

axie infinity closed beta

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the blockchain games market, you would have definitely heard the name Axie Infinity. They are team of CryptoKitties pro players who got together to make the next generation in breeding crypto games.

Last week they finally announced their eagerly awaited closed beta. Entry into the closed Beta will require players to own an Origin Axie. Players who have a wallet addresses with an Axie will be whitelisted and will have their Mainnet Axies duplicated for them on the Rinkeby Test Network.

If you don’t have an Origin Axie yet, don’t worry, you can still pick one up on the Axie Infinity marketplace:

In addition to being one of the first to try out the closed Beta, players will also have a chance to participate in a bounty with rewards paid out in exclusive tokenized terrarium decorations!

In addition to the closed Beta announcement, the team has revealed a sneak peak at their battle system. This is the part that takes the game above and beyond the traditional breeding game started by CryptoKitties.

Without question, this is a big milestone for the game, and we look forward to their road to launch.

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