Apple Forces Coinbase Wallet to Remove Crypto Collectibles


One of the hot topics in the blockchain games market has been about where the mainstream game channels stand with regards to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and especially blockchain games.

While we hadn’t had a definitive ruling from either Apple or Google, it was clear that they weren’t particularly friendly towards the blockchain world. And then finally, this week, we had a pretty definitive move from Apple who forced Coinbase Wallet to remove Crypto Collectibles.

It all started when Coinbase and War Riders teamed up to integrate NFT Crypto Collectibles into Coinbase’s Wallet. It was a big step for a community who were holding their breath to see what Apple would do.

Well, as we’ve seen in the past, Apple has flexed it’s walled garden to shut it down. This is nothing new for Apple, and I’m sure no one is really surprised. It’s very remeniscent of when Apple decided to ban the Kindle app all those years ago.

It may sound strange, but this is in fact a good step in the long run. Companies like Apple are usually a bit slow to establish an approach when new paradigms emerge. Their usual approach is to block it while they figure out what their policies are. And here we are witnessing it in action.

While in the short term, it’s going to cause some ripples, we know that Apple is most certainly paying attention, and it’s just a matter of time before they figure out their plan. How that will actually play out is yet to be seen. And for Apple’s sake, I hope they get it right.

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