An Interview with Lordmancer II dev team

lordmancer 2

Lordmancer II is a high fidelity 3D mobile free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG that allows players to mine cryptocurrency and spend it both inside and outside of the game. The game is already launched on Android.

The team has successful raised $1m for the game through crowdfunding. We had a chance to interview them to learn more about their innovative game, their vision, and the road ahead.

Can you tell me a bit of background about you and your team? What inspired you to get into blockchain / crypto games? 

The core team members have been working together for ages. We were working on some startups including original Lordmancer which was a fully featured MMORPG for java cell phones and was launched in 2008. In 2014 we decided to develop its improved version – Lordmancer II. Original Lordmancer had an open game market from the game launched and players traded on it using soft and hard currencies. We saw that this feature was very popular among the players and in fact, it was probably the main metagame and in 2017 we realized that it could be well combined with blockchain. So we took our half-finished Lordmancer II and added cryptocurrency into it.

Tell me about how the vision for Lordmancer II came about. What inspired you to make a game like this?

We were inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, Kings Bounty, World of Warcraft, and our original Lordmancer which is still active even after 10 years in operation!

What is the basic gameplay, story, and marketplace of  Lordmancer II? How does the game and marketplace work?

The basic gameplay consists of three main parts: tactical battles (both PvE and PvP), developing your hero and social activities. We have a lot of resources that are needed to increase your hero power and you need to travel in the open world, find proper enemies, accomplish quests and loot resources. Then you use these resources to craft equipment or upgrade your units. Social activities include clans, game chat, castle sieges and trading on the open game market. As the game contains a lot of different resources, it is almost impossible to get all of them by yourself. So you need to go to the market and trade with other players. If you have many rubins, you can sell them and buy some emeralds. That’s the idea.

What are some of the barriers you see ahead for your project and Crypto Games in general?

I see three main barriers:

The first one – the technology is not user-friendly at all. Just compare classical in-app purchases on Google Play and buying some crypto. Which one is easier?

Another barrier relates to almost non-existing regulations. As a result, application stores and publishers are afraid of projects with cryptocurrency.

And the last one is the technology itself. All blockchains are still slow and expensive. You just can’t create a pure blockchain game.

Tell me about your perspective on blockchain technology and games in general. Where is this all going? and why is it important to you?

Oh, it is very difficult to make any predictions 🙂 I don’t know what will happen in a couple of years, probably we will see more disrupting technologies. And there will be new good opportunities for startups.

What is your roadmap, and what plans do you have for the future for your team and your project? 

The game is ready and launched on Android. Currently, we are focusing on marketing. An MMO game should have thousands of online players to use its potential. I think we will be busy enough with this project for the next couple of years 🙂

Any key dates or milestones coming up that you would like to share? Any announcements coming up?

Last week we allowed withdrawing Lord Coins from game accounts. So now Lordmancer II fully implements cryptocurrency usage. Let’s join the game!

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