à table! – a whimsical exploration game

a table

Many of us in the blockchain games industry consider EverdreamSoft to be pioneers of the market. They are the creators of the mobile blockchain game, “Spells of Genesis”, which launched in April of 2017. Spells of Genesis is built on the innovative Counterparty platform. They recently announced Casa Tookan, a blockchain-agnostic mobile wallet focused on the blockchain games market. And this week, they are announcing their latest blockchain game, à table!


à table! will be a web browser-based exploration game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game incorporates a fun and whimsical food world which players can explore with little creatures, fittingly known as, Yummies.

Yummies will be ERC-721 and will be sold for Ether (ETH). Initially, three Yummies will be available for purchase: Bunny, Salamander and Unicorn.

Once a player chooses which Yummy they want to purchase, a completely unique Yummy will be generated on the fly following the rules set in their genetic code.

So far, there isn’t a lot of gameplay information available. But we do know that a CryptoKitties-esque breeding mechanic will be an element of the game. In à table! players who own two or more Yummies will be able to “bake” a whole new Yummy by breeding them together.

According to the press release from à table!, the game is slated for launch in September 2018. That’s just around the corner! We’ll be keeping an eye on this one, and look forward to learning more about the cute little world of Yummies.

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